Pig Hunt Vs. Razorback!!

I just recently finished wathing the newly released direct to dvd Fangoria Frightfest flick  “Pig Hunt”. I must have tried to watch this movie four times before I actually finished it. Not that it was that boring, though maybe it did take a little bit too long to get to the real action, but mainly because I had such a crazy sleep deprived weekend out in Marfa Texas this weekend. Anyway there not too much to say really about Pig Hunt, the newest in the crazed monster wild boar genre, especially when you put it up against it older stepbrother, the amazing Razorback from 1984. 

Razorback directed by Russel Mulcahy, who went on later to direct the Highlander films, was a work of art as it followed the story of a crazed Hogzilla in the Australian outback who’s on a killing spree. It’s been most effectively described as Jaws on land. With amazing effects and stunning cinematography this relatively unknown horror flicks remains as one of my fav monster movies of the 80’s. 

It’s also one which I need to find on dvd (I do however own the vhs version). Set against an ultra bleak and desolate landscape, this movie’s charm lies in the fact that the monster hog is never really exploited onsceen and only brief images are incredibly effective at capturing the true horror the the big pig himself. If you’ve never seen this movie I highly recommend tracking it down as it definately does NOT disappoint. Check out the mighty hog from Razorback below..

So naturally I was pretty pumped to find that there was a new crazed giant boar flick hitting the shelves this last week. The “mighty” Pig Hunt however did not live up to it’s reputation. It followed the basic horror movie backwoods formula, a bunch of douche bag jackasses are headed out on a hunting trip on the search for wild boar, they meet up with some skeezy red necks who offer to be their guides and ultimately reveal to them the legend of the mighty hogzilla.

 Things go wrong when one of the red necks oversteps his boundries and ends up dead by a gun shot wound from the movie’s heroes. This sends our stereotypical cast of “handsome’ mysterious hero and his “hot” girlfriend, token black guy along with his irritating sidekick and finally the wimpering chubby loser into a game of cat and mouse with a whole family of inbreds lead by a backwoods priest played by none other than Les Claypool who also wrote all the music for this movie. But it’s not until the movies third act that anything even remotely interesting goes down.


Our heroes run into a hippie commune full of women straight out of Maxim Magazine who apparently worship the mighty pig and occasionally leave horses bound in the woods as an offering to the mighty beast. Finally in about the last five minute of the movie we actually get to see this creature, who for the most part is entirely done with animatronics and puppety. Usually that’s right up my alley, but unfortunately there’s not much you can do to make a final showdown interesting using a puppet pig head almost entirely for every shot. It could have been alot worse if they attempted to create a cg monster with their limited budget. So kudos to them for doing it the old school way. What can you really expect though from the director of Skinwalkers though-that movie was a craptastic mega terd and maybe even one of the worst werewolf movies ever!  The movie could have been great had it not been a rehash of shit we’ve seen so many damn times before done ten times better. So ultimately in the end if you are looking for a superior monster movie take a little time and hunt down the classic Razorback. It looks better and is a hell of alot more interesting!  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go find my own dvd copy on Ebay thank you!


  1. jacktheknife

    I haven’t seen either of these. I can’t believe I never heard of Razorback, but the Frightfest films I read about over the summer in Fangoria magazine. Amazon says that Pig Hunt comes out on Sept. 28th. Just in time for Halloween.

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