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Freaky Friday Night at The Movies: 3615 code Pere Noel & Howl!!

I’ve been doing little movie nights at my shop Hollywood Babylon here in Portland, Oregon quite regularly now and I thought it’d be cool to start doing reviews of the flicks that we watch. I’ve gotta say investing in a projector is really one of the best things you can do if you’re a movie buff! The shop transforms into a mini theater and we can get as rowdy as we want! Often we try to pair an old and new movie together in hopes of ultimate cinematic bliss which is a hard task when you’re often trying to view something that’s new to everyone there. So last night seemed promising as we started off with a rare french flick from 1989 called:

                                            “3615 CODE PERE NOEL” aka DEADLY GAMES, GAME OVER

What a treat this one was, I had meant to get this one this year for Christmas but it’s a hard one to track down at least with English subtitles or in real physical form. I don’t do the whole online downloading very often so I went to Ioffer.com which is your best bet for finding really rare movies “on DVD” unfortunately it didn’t arrive quite in time for Christmas this year.

3615 code Pere Noel or as it’s also known as “Deadly Games” is a total gem of a basically lost and forgotten 1980’s french holiday horror movie. The movies plot is simple and awesome. There’s a poor weird bearded guy who’s wandering the streets looking for children to “play” with during Christmas time and he lands himself a job at big time department store as their Santa Claus. Bad move because this dude is bat shit crazy and it’s not long before some little kid sitting on his lap tells him him she “doesn’t like his face”.

This sends him into an abusive rage which ends up getting the weird dude fired and sets him on course to our protagonist’s giant castle mansion. Yep the hero of this film is one cool ass nine year old kid who lives in a crazy mansion that’d make Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons jealous! Continue reading

Comic Book Cover of the Week: Beware of The Vermin!!!

Everyone knows that Kraven’s Last Hunt is a simply incredible Spider-man tale but what I love about it also is the the role The Vermin plays in it all! Let’s face it-the Vermin is a totally freaky and awesome villain who never gets the respect he truly deserves! Maybe it’s because he chooses to spend all of his time the schleppin’ around sewers with his rat minions! This cover from 1987 also drawn by Mike Zeck really does justice to this creepy ass character. Just the atmosphere of the filthy corroded sewer, the dripping pipes and of course the brilliant image of Spidey in his classic black costume just adds to the horror of it all. Just posting this is making realize I need to dig this series out of my comic box and read it again!! One of the best ever…this cover kinda makes me wonder if Neil Marshall got some inspiration for “The Descent” the spelunking horror masterpiece from this here cover?!

The Vermin in all of his disgusting glory!

The Vermin in all of his disgusting glory!


The Descent Part 3 Starring Kevin Costner!?

Ok movie fans I hope you can understand how hard it is sometimes to try and find a damn new release to watch when you’re completely spent on everything that’s been released recently. Sometimes when you’re at the video store you just gotta take a chance on a movie you’re sure is gonna be a dud. That’s where a movie like “The New Daughter” starring Waterworld superstar Kevin Costner comes into the equation. I walked around the video store for about a half hour before finally deciding the newest direct to video thriller starring Kevin Costner was going to be what me and my bottle of wine would sit and probably fall asleep to the other evening.

Yeah my friday night consisted of drying my laundry at the laundromat, drinkin’ wine alone and giving good old Costner another chance. I was curious too, has Costner even been in a theatrically released movie in the past 5 years?? Well anyway it didn’t matter as I was ready to get drunk and watch a timid generic thriller and probably dose off.

Anyway I will say the movie indeed started off like the usual PG-13 thriller, Cos moves to a new home with his son and daughter and not long after she begins to  act strangely after hearing whispers in the new house. It was totally on parin the begining with Dragonfly, which I think was the closest thing Costner has done to a horror movie. However very soon in the film I was pleasantly surprised when outside the girls room, we hear a creepy moan and then we get a glimpse of a monster crawling around on their roof!! Continue reading