That’s Solomon Kane NOT Van Helsing!

I am a total sucker for fantasy films. I simply do not believe enough good or even bad fantasy movies have been put out for our viewing pleasure! So naturally I am most pumped for The Hobbit, can’t WAIT for Clash of the Titans, excited about Conan even though I am not too thrilled at their choice of Jason Momoa and actually pretty darn keen on Solomon Kane! So until The Hobbit hits theaters I’m gonna have to take what I can get! So far it looks as if Solomon Kane is going to be a fun fantasy flick at the very least. I am pretty easy to please in the fantasy department, I mean I even enjoyed Van Helsing for cryin’ out loud! Does that totally destroy any cred I may have had?? I have to say though he does kinda look like Van Helsing huh?

Well Solomon Kane was created by none other than Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) which obviously means gritty tales of high adventure and plenty of monsters. He wanders the globe with one purpose, to rid the world of evil creatures. Sounds simple enough for a guy like me. Kane’s adventures were made popular the fantasy magazine Weird Tales in the late 1920’s and more recently a series published by Dark Horse comics(pictured above an amazing cover by John Cassaday) that I am intending on checking out as well. From the looks of this movie so far Kane hasn’t changed too much. 

So I recenlty viewed this new featurette on the movie and it’s looking like a pretty fun adventure at least to hold us over til Clash of the Titans and the Hobbit hit theaters! Unfortunately there doesn’t yet seem to a confirmed release date here in the USA yet…

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