Chekov’s Sci fi Courtroom Drama!

Last night I watched Walter Koenig’s “Inalienable” which was just released on dvd. The story sounded quite interesting and being a big Star Trek fanatic I always give the benefit of the doubt to any of TOS’s new ventures. Written, produced and starring ol’ Chekov himself this sci fi flick actually played more like a courtroom drama.

The story is quite simple, the films star Eric Norris (Richard Hatch) is medical researcher trying to find a cure for aids and going through years of depression after feeling responsible for the death of his family in a car accident. One day a local man stops in with a strange peice of “rock” from a meteorite crash on his property and gives it to Eric to check out. We get the drift early on that this is no ordinary rock and that it holds some creepy alien life within it. Soon however Eric’s mood suddenly shifts, he’s happy again and decides to suddenly get busy with his ultra hot co worker (Courtney Peldon, who alone makes watching this movie worthwhile) who has been incessantly hitting on him for months. Soon thereafter their fling though he finds a large pulsating cyst near his stomach that after a little testing is proven to be some sort of unidentified alien parasite growing inside him.

It’s not long before Eric’s menacing boss (Walter Koenig) catches wind of this and has got the FBI chasing him to the countryside where he gives birth to a very rubbery looking alien baby. The FBI does indeed catch up with him, takes his alien baby son and sets off to experiment on the little devil. The rest of the movie takes an odd turn as it turns into primetime courtroom drama as Eric fights for the right to keep the lil’ parasitic kid as his own son. Sounds pretty interesting huh?

The movie itself obviously was pretty low budget and the special effects look like they came straight through a time warp from 1984. That for me was a plus for this film. I actually kinda dug how the alien kid looked like miniature fleshy monster version of Doctor Octopus. However the acting and dialogue really did leave something to be desired. No matter how hot Courtney Peldon is it still doesn’t distract from her undeniably craptastic acting. Thats not too say the movie isn’t worth a watch, it’s got tons of stars from the more recent and older Star Trek series cast all over. It’s also got a pretty unique story to it as well. And Who doesn’t love more screen time with Marina Sirtis (Next Gen’s Deana Troi), still as beautiful as ever, starring as the films baby alien hatin’ courtroom prosecutor. The films got some good humor, fellow Trek Alumni new and old, a funny looking baby alien, some hot nerdy women and cheezy dialogue. To me that’s all that’s really needed to make a satisfying night of movie watching. Check it out if you’re a Trek fan otherwise I suggest just renting E.T. again instead….

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