Are you ready for Gremlins 3 in 3-D??

Rumors are running wild now about another old classic movie franchise getting some life blown back into it! This time it’s Gremlins that’s supposedly getting a third installment. To me this is already sounding like a bad idea. It could just be because the original Gremlins has a special nostalgic place in my heart as I am sure it does to many other people. It doesn’t however surprise me in the least that this film is reportedly in the early stages of development. With the arrival of  Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (which I personally enjoyed, the direct to video Lost Boys 2 (which was just a shame direct to dvd flaming turd), George Lucas recently saying after seeing Avatar he’d like to remake Star Wars (please noooo!) and recent news of Ghostbusters 3 it was only a matter of time before Gremlins caught the same trend.

The problems I am see so far is that first off,  none of the original cast has yet been asked back. It would probably be because they’re too old now huh? It seems we’ve always got to have some young hot bad actors inserted into any relaunch to make it worthwhile. Second from what I understand Joe Dante will not be involved either. Gremlins with no Dante? Well I suppose Gremlins 2 was not exactly much to write home about but STILL!

Third it’s been said that plans so far are to drop the use of the puppets and animatronics and go straight with CG. Really wasn’t the puppetry some of the charm of the Gremlins?? I know CG is all the rage but they must have come a long way with puppets since the 80’s right? Well these things were all things that I feared. It seems that the movie will be in 3-D as well as is almost every movie coming out these days which is not really a bad thing. But sometimes things in small doses are much better don’t you think??   

What do you think about Gremlins 3? In the meantime check this out…

Pretty cool huh? I think the way they did some of this fan made movie could be utilized for the 3rd one. Check out the making of…


  1. christopher

    George didnt say hes remaking Star Wars hes going ahead with the 3d release of all 6 films:) Much much better then a remake! Although if you were going to remake star wars who would you get to play our old fav characters? A fun geek thought to ponder.

    • petersaturday

      yeah I just read about the star wars 3-d thing. I was getting scared he was talking about actually remaking the originals!!

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