The Children = Cinematic No Doz!

It was a few months ago that I posted a blog called “Four horror flicks you didn’t know you were excited for“. One of the films I featured was a movie from the UK called “The Children”. Well it finally came out this week on dvd released by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Underground. Last night I put it in to watch around midnight and It kept me on the edge of my seat through it’s entirety. Usually when I start a movie that late there’s a good chance I’ll start to dose off and finish it the next day. Not the case here.

the children 2

The premise is simple, two families get together for the weekend with all of their children anticipating a joyous christmas. The only problem is one of the innocent little kids seems to be sick, but whatever he’s got shortly turns him into one creepy ass little munchkin. You can bet as well he’s gonna give that shit to the rest of the creepy little kids. Slowly the children turn on their family and from there things get pretty out of control.

the children

The mood, atmosphere and camera work for this film definately make the movie. It’s violent but never too over the top keeping it realistic enough that the next day you’ll be watching any child under ten like a hawk.  The children themselves are pretty sadistic and it’s pretty awesome  that the director Tom Shankland decided to pull no punches with this one. It’s a vicious battle to the death with these kids and both sides take a beating. I must also add that this movie has an excellent ending as well that could set this up for a dynamic sequel. It seems lately that horror films are finally getting the “killer children” genre right. No more Good Son. With the release of the awesome “Orphan” this year, which I guess was technically not really a killer kid flick and now The Children out on dvd it seems that killer kids are finally getting the chance to slice and dice like the pro’s! So if you want a good horror flick that you can bet your ass you won’t be snoozing through this one! Check this one out asap!


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