Bryan Singer gets the Itch for X-Men Again!

Today I just read some rumors going around that Bryan Singer may be in talks to direct another X-men or X-men related movie! I hope that these rumors turn out to be a reality because  X-men 3  and Wolverine were less than impressive movies. It actually made me mad when I heard Singer bowed out of X-men 3 to make Superman Returns. Really you choose Superman over the X-Men?!! Are you mad?!! Then I became even more upset when I heard he turned down the solo Wolverine movie, which had to easily be one of the worst superhero movies ever made. I personally rather melt my brain by wacthing the wretched Nick Cage “Ghost Rider” than sit through the steaming terd that Wolverine was.    


Anyway it seems that perhaps Singer is regretting his past mistakes and wants to do justice to the mess that was left behind for him. Lets hope he chooses to return to the X-men franchise and reunites the original cast rather than one of the upcoming spin-offs. I guess however at this point I’ll take what I can get! Here’s a little bit of what was repoted about this at

“There’s a lot happening with the X-Men – there’s spin-off’s in the works (“Magneto”, “The First Class”, “Deadpool”), sequels to spin-off’s (“Wolverine 2”), and even rumours of a third sequel to Singer’s smash-hit “X-Men”. Thus, Singer’s looking to Rothman for his next meal.

And why wouldn’t Fox let Singer defect!? He did, after all, near single-handedly give life to the studio’s steady roster of comic-book movies.

“I’m still looking to possibly returning to the ‘X-Men’ franchise. I’ve been talking to Fox about it,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted Singer as saying at South Korea’s Pusan International Film Festival. “I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast,” he said.


Singer, whose most recent film was the Tom Cruise vs. Hitler drama “Valkyrie”, said the “X-Men” series, which follows a group of mutants with superpowers who struggle to fit in with humans, is about tolerance and social structures.

He said he likes to “trick audiences into thinking they’re seeing fireworks, but they’re learning about themselves and listening to what I have to say.”

“The excitement about working in science fiction and fantasy is – the stories, if they are good, are about the human condition,” Singer said.”

Let’s hope this doesn’t blow over and we see Singer once again bring life into this dying Franchise…


  1. Christopher

    Superman Returns is one of my favorite movies…and I really enjoyed wolverine. It wasnt perfect but I had alot of fun with it. Saw it twice actually. I saw xmen 3 for the first time this year……still cant take enough showers to get the evil off of me! lol So yes bring on the singer!

      • Christopher

        LOL yeah a very big fan actually!I really want a second one from Singer more then I want an X men 4 from him…Im sure im making myself real popular now haha!!!

      • petersaturday

        I heard that they aren’t going to do a second one but may reboot it again with new people! Like they did with the Hulk…

      • Guy Boyman

        Then let your astonishment grow – I loved Superman Returns. I think I saw it 4 or 5 times during its theatrical run. A beautiful movie with a heart and a brain that apparently didn’t have enough stuff blowin’ up real good for homophobic fanboys who couldn’t deal with a gay man making a movie about an American icon.

      • petersaturday

        Hey Guy are you sure you weren’t just crushed on Brandon Routhe because I don’t remember it being to hott! Maybe I’ll rewatch it and see if a second time has the charm?!

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