4 Horror flicks you didn’t know you were excited for!

Being a big horror fan I always looking forward to possible awesome new movies! So right now here the ones I have been hearing the most about that look pretty promising. I doubt most of these will have a theatrical release here but that just means that they’ll probably be that much better than most of the movies passing in the theaters today as horror. Check out these trailers:

“Trick R’ Treat” is supposed to be an awesome throwback to movies like “Creepshow” that had several creepy tales in one movie. This is something that most movies today can’t seem to get right. I’ve heard alot of great things about this one across the board! It’s coming out sometime in October…

“The Children” is a movie about well, killer childern. Supposedly they get some sort of hyper flu or something and turn on their parents like demonic lil’ bastards. I have heard that this movie really gets the “killer children” genra right and spares no punches against the little devils!

“REC”, take my word for it this original version blows away the US remake Quarantine. I think this comes out this month maybe even today! Go rent this if you really wanna be scared!

“Dead Snow” is a horror comedy about Nazi Zombies. The trailer looks pretty rad and I think this is supposed to hit select theaters this week. Check this out!

If anyone has any they think I need to know about please post!!!


  1. 47whitebuffalo

    Were you lucky enough to catch “Let the right one in”–a vampire film? Swedish movie if I recall correctly. Now if your taste runs to pure horror gore all over the place all the time, then this cold creepy number might seem tame for your tastes. But if you can get into something crafted to stick with you for a long time after you see it…then…seek and find it.

  2. konales

    Excellent, thanks for keeping an eye out for all horror movies…at times there are almost too many to keep track of (good problem to have, right??). Anyway, when you mentioned the title of this movie, my head went right to the 1986 release called trick or Treat with the hard rock possessed dork/teen that seeks revenge on those who tortured him!…classic!

  3. konales

    Also…the Children…looks like someone put a budget behind the concept of “Beware…Children at Play”. The classic Troma release that you could fast forward through the first 1hr 20min and just watch the last 5 min with the child slaughter action sequence!

      • konales

        You only need to watch the end to really enjoy that one…does not say much for the movie, too bad.

  4. konales

    Just got done watching Dead Snow…excellent recommendation. This was not as much of a horro comedy as I would have liked, but a great new take on the zombie movie. How much cooler can you get than Nazi Zombies!

    Man this flic has it all…

    Death by snowmobile…yeah!
    Drawn and quartered by Zombies…hell yeah!
    Self administered amputation…hell F@#^@# yeah!
    Mountains erupting with the undead Third Reich…oh, hell F@#%$$$ yeah!

    Great gore to boot.

    Thanks Universal Dork…you’re my best friend…

  5. konales

    Just wrapped up watching The Children…good recommendation Universal Dork. Very creepy and gorey. Nothing mind blowing, but a great horror movie nonetheless!

  6. konales

    Just finished watching REC…again, Universal dork is spot on, much better than the American version. I swear the American version was filmed on the exact same location…man frame for frame identical…except, lets not forget the fine CG bones and blood in the American version…How hard is it to have fake blood in movie anymore.

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