More Lame Movie Ventriloquist Dolls & Puppets!

Yeah there’s more than one devil doll out there! Before “Black Devil Doll From Hell” there was simply “Devil Doll” from1964. This movie is a stinker as well! I’m not sure why they can’t seem to ever get the creepy ventriloquist dolls in movies to actually be creepy! They are by themselves probably some of the weirdest things that us humans have ever created. Which is probably why I am a  huge fan of puppets. I had tons of them as a kid. If I see a cool puppet anywhere you better believe I’ll snatch it up! It took me a while to warm up to vetriloquist dolls though.

Devil doll 2

 Well anyway, This movie follows the great Vorelli who’s a hit in London with his lame ass ventriloquist doll “Hugo”. His doll gets up and walks around the stage and awes people. What he also does is….you guessed it! Kills people!. Apparently the Great Vorelli has transfered his previous assistants soul into the dummy. Anyway I have to say this movie is pretty damn dull and though the doll looks pretty creepy the movie is not.It does have a cool scene though where the graet Vorelli and his puppet Hugo duke it out.  The trailer pretty much says it all…

So I am curious what the best “evil puppet” movie is? There must be one good one. I am not talking “Child’s Play” because he’s a doll and not a puppet. I remember another ventiloquist doll movie as well called “Magic” that starred Anthony Hopkins. I don’t remember that being too scary and I think it may have actually been a drama. I do know that when I was a little kid for some reason the trailer for that movie scared me to death! Hmmm…let’s see what all the fuss was about for back then. Here’s the “Magic” trailer:

Umm….ok I guess I had good reason to be frightened after all! That was some creepy shit!

Anyway more recently there was “Dead Silence” which I was hoping would deliver with the scary puppet phenomenon. But no such luck-that movie was about as scary as an epsisode of Goosebumps! So someone please give us a truely scary puppet movie already!


I guess the most bizarre puppet movie is probably the demented meet “Meet The Feebles” from Peter Jackson. This movie is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen and what’s even more funny about it is that it often times got placed in the kids section at video stores!!

Then who can forget “Puppet Master” from 1989? This was a fun movie don’t get me wrong but were any of these puppets actually scary? I don’t think so.

 Anyway I could babble on all day about puppets but the fact remains there just ain’t any scary puppet flicks out there! Oh on on a side note it seems that someone has made a new “Black Devil Doll” movie. They must have seen the original and seen the potential. This movie however is trying to be funny a little too hard. I’m sorry guys but I’ll take my shitty 1984 “Black Devil Doll From Hell” over your wanna be movie anyday!


  1. Raymond Love

    Nice article. Too bad you have decided not to give Black Devil Doll a chance. It played at a film fest here a few months ago and I was blown away. It is creepy, sick, twisted, and one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Much better than any of the movies you mentioned above; aside from Meet The Feebles, a personal favorite.

    Don’t judge a film based on its trailer. -RayRay

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