Nerds stormin’ the Hip Hop Scene!

Nerdcore is the newest form of hip hop out there right now and it’s been getting quite a buzz recently. It really doesn’t sound much different than your average hip hop, well except for the lyrics. Rappin’ about stuff like Magic the Gathering, comic books and internet porn never sounded so cool. I know most people think MC Chris is the originator of this style of rap but that’s actually not true. The true godfather of nerdcore is MC Frontalot and he’s pretty damn awesome.

nerdcore rising

Nerdcore Rising is a new documentary that will be released on dvd tomorrow (Sept. 15th)  and has appearances from Brian Posehn, Jello Biafra and Weird Al. The film follows Frontalot on his first national tour. Check this out if you’re a nerd and wanna hear some rappin’ that you can really relate to….

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