It’s Saturday Night-time for a good monster movie!

Sometimes I wish I was back in the 80’s when life seemed a little simpler and the horror movies were still fun! There’s just something special about a good 80’s monster movie. There sure are plenty of them too but there’s alot that fall between the cracks and remain forgotten by most. The Unnamable from 1988 is one of those cool ass monster movies of yore that I speak of! Sure it’s cheezy and there’s a bunch of dumb teens that their asses served to them by a wicked female monster! I must say though I think the creature effects are pretty awesome and monster is pretty frightening.


 Based on the HP Lovecraft story of the same name this cool little creature feature is a fun ride. So much so I have been searching for it on dvd for quite sometime on ebay. It seems it hasn’t been released here yet. It’s sequel however has and that is alot of fun as wel plus it also stars John Rhys-Davies.Plus the sequel starts right where the first one ends.  Anyway if you are looking for a good saturday night 80’s popcorn movie I definately recommend checking this out. It worth the search and definately worth getting the jiffy pop poppin’ on the stove!



  1. Guy Boyman

    I remember renting this back in high school. It was part of a glut of low budget direct-to-video projects based (in the loosest of terms) on H.P. Lovecraft stories or, worse, “inspired by”. I guess the trend was kicked off by some beguinely good Lovecraft-ish movies like “Re-Animator”, Stuart Gordon’s “From Beyond” (both with Jeffrey Combs), and Dan O’Bannon’s excellent “The Resurrected” with Chris Sarandon – which, for my money, is the best H.P. Lovecraft film adaptation. Still, “The Unnamable” was cheesy fun, and I think you got to see boobs, which I was still into at the time.

  2. petersaturday

    that is cool that you remember this too! there have been some bad Lovecraft movies made. From Beyond though is sooo awesome! I have to go look for that on dvd now!

    • Guy Boyman

      From Beyond is one of the most deliciously fucked up movies I have seen – from the freaked out space sex to the gloppy extra-dimensional body dismorphia horror to the brain eating to Barbara Crampton in dominatrix gear and Jeffrey COmbs getting his pineal gland bitten off – and its crazy to think that it was made back in the mid-’80s. Could you make a movie like that today?

      Anyhoo, its recently (finally) out on DVD, with some restored scenes and a great Stuart Gordon commentary. Worthy of the Netflixery.

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