The Worst Movie ever made and released. Period.

I was looking on Youtube for some footage from probably the worst movie I have ever seen ever- “The Black Devil Doll From Hell”! It has been many years since I have seen this steaming pile of suck and from what I understand it’s pretty hard to find a copy now days. I heard about a year ago it was supposed to be released on DVD. However I am not sure it ever made it to disc.

Anyway when I was a kid I used to see the cover of this in the video store and always wondered what it was all about. Well later when I was in high school my friends and I finally rented this movie. I will say I’ll never forget what I saw that day! The Worst Movie EVER. Period.  


Anyway on Youtube I beleive you can view the whole thing or at least most of it since there are scenes I don’t think most porn sites would allow! I did find a kinda neat review of this movie by a guy who goes by the name “Cinema Snob”. Apparently he can’t be too much of a snob since he obviously sat through this terd of a movie! I checked out his review and he pretty much nails it all down to a “T”. He also shows alot of the key scenes that prove that this is perhaps the worst movie ever. So if you LOVE bad movies grab a beer and check out this review. Maybe you’ll be inspired to watch the whole thing someday if you have the patience and will to make it through this shit fest! You think you know bad movies? Think again!


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