Finally a recent Fantasy movie that didn’t suck!

Just the other evening I took a gamble on renting a new movie called “Wolf Hound”. On the cover it said “Conan the Barbarian meets Lord of The Rings” and with nothing else that looked vaguely interesting I decided to reluctantly beleive what the cover was telling me. Now I’ve taken many chances on recent fantasy movies and been let down hard! Usually they are wretched movies with bad acting, terrible costumes, horrid CG sets and even worse looking CG monsters! For instance the recent movie “Outlander” had alot of potential until the creature finally shows itself on screen and ruins the entire movie. So I had pretty low expectations of Wolf Hound.


Surprisingly I was wrong and it turned out to be a pretty damn good fantasy movie. It seems that the Russians have been putting out some pretty cool horror and fantasy movies the last few years and this one is definately one of the best. It actually is pretty much a mix of Conan & LOTR. It had beautiful realistic sets, cool characters, decent acting and alot of excitement! It’s basically a tale of revenge of Conan type character(with a Bat as his animal companion! Anod to The Beastmaster) who heads on a quest to find the creature who murdered his parents and enslaved him years ago. 

wolfhound 3

Now don’t get me wrong this movie does have some CG but it’s pretty tastefully done. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect movie but I will say I was completely entertained the entire time I was watching. I have heard that this is Russia’s version of Lord of  the Rings and though it doesn’t sit that high on the fantasy meter for me I will definately say it’s one of the coolest recent sword & sorcery movies I’ve seen in recent times. I’m always on the search for something to tide me over until “The Hobbit” arrives in theaters and hopefully I will run into alot more movies like this one! Check this one out if you’re starving for a good fantasy flick!

wolfhound 5

Check out the trailer!



  1. konales

    Wow…we are in tune, I just got this flick today through netflix…I have had it in my queue for like a month on a wait…/film podcast really recommended this one, so I am glad to hear you agree. Will be checking out between today and tomorrow.

  2. konales

    You were correct, this was a well done fantasy movie. Did it blow me a away…no, but the CG was under control, the action was solid, and it kept my attention all the way along. Yeah Wolfhound!

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