Dancing Demons and Death Metal, A Match Made in Hell!

Nothing tops the sweet sounds of a good heart jolting death metal tune, and it is hard to beat awesome b-horror movie action. So why not combine the two into what should be the ultimate culmination of sight and sound. I guess that is my ideal experience. Not sure if there are any dorks out there that agree…well, I take that back, there have to be a couple. More specifically, how about Brian Trenchard-Smith and his magnificent creation Night of the Demons 2! If you want to see a classic horror movie with a touch of some metal, please read on and also watch an uber classic scene from Night of the Demons 2 featuring Morbid Angel!

NightDemon Morbid Angel

The Night of the Demons movies are classics, here is a quick rundown. There is an old funeral parlor that is the legend of a small town…the parlor is called Hull House by the locals. In the first movie, some teens decide to go and party at Hull House on Halloween. During the party, they have a seance that releases a terrible demon…Angela. I am sure you can image what happens next…Mayhem! So how to stop this demonic terror?

Here are the trailers of both Night of the Demons movies.

Sorry, I could only find the trailer of the second movie in German…”Nine!”

Well, the land of Hull House is on evil land and the land is surrounded by an underground river. The demons can’t cross the river so as long as you don’t step on the land of Hull House, problem solved. Or so the first movie would have us believe. In Night of the Demons 2, Angela is released from Hull House and brings her demonic madness to a local Catholic school. This is the point in the movie where everything comes undone as the death metal onslaught of Morbid Angel accompanies Angela as she dances her way into demon hearts of the underworld!

The Morbid Angel tracks selected for the deluge of demonic deaths are Rapture and Vengeance is Mine both featured on the 1993 Giant Records release Covenant. Giant Records was an Indy label subsidiary of Warner Bros and is now defunct. The musical exploits of Morbid Angel can be followed on their regular label Earache Records.

There are a couple things I would like to point out with this clip (cause I am a dork and I can). If you decide to bless yourself at any point in life and watch both of these movies, it is interesting to note that Angela’s demon voice sounds a lot like Dave Vincent’s vocals in the song Rapture. Also, in all my years of going to death metal shows I have never seen kids try to perform regular dance moves to death metal; only moshing. This clip serves as proof why this “trend” never caught on. Lastly, I love the timing of Dave Vincent’s death growl in Vengeance is Mine right when Angela looks at the nun that is calling here out. Yeah, metal…demons…does it get any more evil?



  1. konales

    No doubt…check these out! I guess they made a third one as well but it is pretty obscure. I am hunting down a copy as we speak! Let me know what you think of the duet of demonic possession!

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