Do we really know what a “dork” is?!!

A friend of mine recently let me on to some interesting facts about the word “dork”. Apparently it has a few different meanings and hearing about this made me extremely interested in the words origins- especially because this site is named after the word!

First off I learned that apparently there’s a difference between a dork and a nerd. Supposedly a dork is more interesting and likeable than a nerd. Whick makes me wonder if I should have called this site! I have also included some pics that showed up when I searched “dork” images.


There are also fruit chew candies called Dork too. Who’d would’ve known…



I also found out it’s a verb in US slang. To “dork ” some one means to have sex. I was kinda surprised because I’ve never heard anyone say “we totally dorked last night and it was amaaaaazing!” Or “did you dork him last night or what?!”. Or “I was soooo drunk last night I can’t even remember if we dorked or not”. Or maybe “I can’t believe you guys haven’t dorked yet?!!” Ok, You get the picture.

dork 2

I also read somewhere that is meant “whale penis” (the pic above was in the first page of images when I searched the word on Yahoo Images…yeah. weird.). But that wasn’t officially confirmed which is good because if this site meant I’d be pretty bummed. It does infact mean penis too. When I checked out it’s Wikipedia page this is what it said:

dork (plural dorks)

1.(vulgar, slang) A penis.

2.(US, pejorative, slang) A quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends. Often confused with nerd and geek, but does not imply the same intelligence level.

3.(US, slang, dated) A contraction for ‘door key’ child. The term for a boy or girl who is (or was) left alone for long periods, locking themselves inside with little to do, isolated, possibly poor, learning little, while a single parent (or both parents) work or are away. Origin: probably late 1930s or early 1940s US. Compare with the more neutral sounding term ‘latch-key children’ popular with media and professionals in the 1980s.

Pretty interesting huh? Did you notice it said that dorks, nerds and geeks don’t have the same intelligence level?! So who’s the smarter?! Either way It’s all just a little more useless info to cram into the brain this sunday!

P.s When I put  “dork” into the Youtube search engine this was the first to show up. Even dorks need to kick some ass! I think it qualifies:


  1. konales

    Dorks, geeks, nerds…it don’t matter. We just need to unite for the greater cause…proliferate our obscurity to the masses!!! Say it with me…

    “In nerdiest game, in geekiest blog site,
    No comic, movie, or fact shall escape our sight
    Let those who endure the average life,
    Know our knowledge is power…Universal Dork’s Unite!”

  2. kikirica

    Whhaattt??! Whale penis?! Damn. Also, I think my new pick up line will be, “so do you wanna dork tonight or what?”

  3. Guy Boyman

    I am a geek.
    I am not a dork. Why? Because I have a clue in social settings.
    I am not a nerd. Why? Because I suck at math and science.
    There are huge areas of overlap amongst the categories, true, but in the venn diagram of life, I am firmly on the unoverlapped portion of the geek circle.

      • Guy Boyman

        Don’t forget that, much as dork originally referred to a whale cock, a geek was originally what they called the guy who bit the heads off of live chickens in the circus sideshow 🙂

      • petersaturday

        I remember a horror movie from the 80’s called Luther the Geek. The main monster character guy was one of those circus guys!

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