You can look to the Galaxy, or Within, for some Terror!

Fellow Universal Dork Pete Saturday posted an awesome review and reminder of the classic Creepozoids and I responded with a note about two other plot/theme related classics, The Terror Within and Galaxy of Terror. After some serious thought and internal reflection on my actions…I realize that it is pretty lame to just hang the carrot out in front of our dedicated dork followers. So I wanted to look up the info and give the readers more of a taste of these great features! Both of these have a touch of Roger Corman, just so you know what you are getting yourself into.


The Terror Within is another 1989 Classic b-horror flick that features the ever entertaining George Kennedy (Naked Gun, Demonwarp, The Uninvited) and several other noticeable b-movie/TV stars of the time. Basically humans are wiped out by some kind of plague and the few that are left were immune (or had a an antidote) and hid underground. They moved underground to avoid some humans mutating from the plague and turning into these Gargoyle thingies. On occasion, the survivors forage to the surface to check for signs of life and supplies; most times only to be freaked out by gargoyles watching from the rocks and growling and shaky camera syndrome for vision. One time, they happen to find some signs of life and actually locate this chick that happens to have been impregnated by the gargoyles. So of course, they bring the preggers into the underground base and the mutant turd (as Pete Saturday so wonderfully named them), grows up quick and reeks havoc. Sounds a lot like Alien…kind of sort of…Anyway, it is very entertaining. As much as the action is very poorly executed and edited, it just adds the enjoyment. Got a free night? This one is out on Netflix and waiting for your beckoned call.

Galaxy of Terror is another tasty treat for the kiddies! It appears that The Terror Within was riddled with star power, but Galaxy of Terror is no chump…Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy…of course, V) graces this classic sci-fi horror b-flick, along with none other than Sid Haig (Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses), and the venerable Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Fast Times at Ridgemont High). All of this great horror action in the early days of 1981 when the b movie makers knew how to make b-cheesy. Well this one revolves around some space explorers that come across this creepy pyramid thing. Suddenly the crews darkest deepest nightmares start to come true, and you may have guessed it, the apparent alien pyramid is suspected of the crazy mind altering madness. So it remains to be seen if the crew will ever be able to survive this ordeal. I would like to say run right out to Netflix and enjoy this great b-stock, but I could not find it. So you might have to snag ‘er at your local video gig in the VHS section.

Of course, a review of Galaxy of Terror would not be complete without mentioning the odd and all wrong scene of the large worm alien raping the lady…this is wrong on so many levels. And ladies, nothing turns you off more than a sloppy saliva kisser right…yeah, this worm has got the slop in spades. Hopefully this wets your appetite for this great flick and you will travel to the ends of the Galaxy…despite the terror…to locate a copy for viewing.

Wow…that trailer has some serious sensory overload…I think it would only be better if a Nike Swoosh were to fly through at some point. And I love Robert Englund’s girly scream at the end right before the psychedelic light tunnel to the Galaxy of Terror!


  1. petersaturday

    whoah thanks for the heads up! These movies look rad! I have never seen them before…The monster in the terror within looks very similar to the creatures in FEAST. weird.

  2. Christopher

    I love roger corman hes made sooo many wonderfully bad movies. I credit MST3K for my roger corman education. It takes true balls to cast Jason Robards as Al capone! I need to see these movies!

      • Christopher

        LOL! Yep saw it back when it first happend my brother bought a bootleg copy from a trek convention. Ive blocked it out for the most part.that is until universaldork reminded me of the pain my god the pain!!!

      • petersaturday

        Did you see the copy of the NEST on ebay? I really want to find the Unnamable on dvd! you ever seen that? part 2 is pretty rad as well….

      • konales

        Yep, I saw it, but $25 buy it now was steep! I think I found a good torrent copy, will know in a couple of days.
        As for the Unnamable, yeah, the first one is great, long time since I have seen it. part 2 is on netflix and in my queue, think I found a copy of the first one…thanks for the reminder!

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