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Bring Back the GIANT Treasury Editions!

When I was a kid there was really nothing that was more cool than a brand new comic book except one thing: A Treasury Edition comic book! What are those? You don’t remember the Treasury Editions?!! Well let me refresh your memory. They were basically gigantic versions of your favorite comic books sometimes three or more stories and sometimes more than one title per book! These Treasury Editions were huge measuring ( I am actually measuring one of mine right now!)  13 & 1/2 x 10 inches and having 80 advertisement free pages! These were very popular in the 70’s but seemed to fizzle out in the 80’s. Sometimes the issues would have brand new covers and the back cover was always specifically drawn for the treasury edition which was essentially like a poster!

These were just as rad as any toy and I remember carrying around my stack of these pretty much everywhere I went being the envy of any kid that saw me! Continue reading