Save ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ & Support ‘Season 3’ For Real!!!

It seems our ol’ pal Ash Williams might be in need of our help, Season 3 of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ just recently kicked off & it seems there’s a serious possibility that the show may not be renewed for ‘Season 4’ by Starz. The show is one of the most pirated out there meaning all of us Evil Dead fans haven’t really been supporting the return of Bruce Campbell in the way he’d hoped we would. I’m fully up to date having just finished watching the most current episode of season 3. I’ve at the moment got a free 7 day trial for Starz, that’ll be over in a couple days and I’m planning on getting a membership at least for a month to watch the rest of the show. I figure $8.99 is way more than worth it for rest of the season,  besides I spend more than that to see a movie at the theaters usually for a movie that wasn’t that all that good. So if you’re a real fan of the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise it just might be time to show up for real, cough up 9 bux and support Ash in his quest to stomp out evil!

Now onto season 3 thus far, upon watching the first episode, it felt a bit too familiar to season 2, Ash is now the hero of his small home town, everything seems to be peachy for him again and his companions (starting off a bit too much like the “Jacksonville paradise” season 2 first episode). Of course the Necronomicon appears again, someone recites it’s passages and ‘Deadites’ are back raising hell for the small quaint town. My only initial gripe was that we’re spending yet another season in Ash’s hometown, at least for now & I’d really have liked for Ash and his crew to have been sucked into another time warp similar to ‘Army of Darkness’ to really mix things up. However it was apparent my small gripe would soon be totally erased by just how bat shit crazy and fun everything quickly escalated to. So far season three just might be the best of them all, every episode delivers the wild and crazy gore, monsters & special fx fans have been clamoring for all these years.

It’s also quite a beautifully filmed show, this season has some truly stunning sets, atmosphere and it’s a 100% cinematic experience. Four episodes in and there’s some unforgettable shit that’s gone down and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the finale. Apparently they filmed the season as if it just might indeed be the last, so if the show does get cancelled it’ll have an epic ending. However I think there’s at least one more season left for the show to shift gears into that ‘Army of Darkness’ horror/fantasy hybrid and let Ash and his crew explore another time and place. It doesn’t even have to be the actual setting of Army of Darkness, it could be set during the time of cavemen or even something like a 1940’s World War II setting. Whenever it is, I have a feeling that doing something like that would be the next logical adventure setting and I’d love to see it in a season 4.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is one of the best shows out there, there’s nothing quite like it. It’s got a ton of great humor and seriously inventive horror that surprises with each and every episode. There’s a shitload of awesome practical fx this season as well, more so than any of the others and we’re also introduced to Ash’s daughter who at first I was skeptical of because we’d already had Kelly who seemed like his surrogate stepdaughter in the last couple seasons.

It’s clear though Kelly has grown up a bit and has learned a lot from Ash. She’s now much more than an Ash groupie, both her and Pablo could very well front the show themselves at this point really. So I’m really wondering how Ash’s real daughter will play into all this mayhem. I’m all in. So yeah-fans get out there and support this season for real, Bruce has already stated if this show gets cancelled it’s likely the end of Ash williams on the big or small screen.



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