Evil Aliens : The Best Movie I’ve Never Seen…

It’s been a few days since I have blogged on here and I will admit it’s actually been because I have been super busy with a new store I am starting right here in pdx! Nope I haven’t been out partyin’ down every night I’ve been hard at work on “Hollywood Babylon” a vintage / modern cothing resale store. Hopefully next time Danzig comes through town he’ll stop by so I can sock him in the face! Oh I’ll be just as happy to sock Jerry Only in the face too!

Also I came down with some sort of flu like fever last night, and it’s kinda funny I tried to watch Twilight: New Moon last night. I must have been sick huh? I made it almost to the end and then just flat out didn’t give a shit. Hey I tried…

Anyway so today feeling a bit groggy I feel like I may need to actually rent myself a good movie to bring my spirits back up-so per a recommendation of a friend I was given this suggestion. Jake West’s “Evil Aliens”.

I actually recently did a blog about his latest movie Doghouse and this one looks just as good! It supposedly came out in 2005-how the hell could this have slipped under my radar? Check out the trailer:    


  1. jessika

    I just went to blockbuster (your bff was not there) and rented “The Fourth Kind” have you seen it? It is based on real events… looks like it could be scary, too!

  2. Christopher

    Im with you on the desire to punch danzig and jerry only!!I gave Twilight the ole college try as well I read the first book and watched almost all of the first movie and that was enough for me.Everyone I know that likes it is like oh you have to wait for the third part for it to get good….how about no,if I dont like a movie I dont watch the sequel.Why watch twilight when you could be watching interview with the vampire or fright night??Evil aliens looks awesome 🙂

    • petersaturday

      I agree Chris! I tried to get through it-but really there are better vampire flicks to be viewing-you seen- Near Dark or Vamp? those are some fun 80’s vampire movies as well…oh yeah and for the reord-the new losy boys movie was actually pretty fun!

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