Bryan Singer Disappointing X-men Fans Once Again…..

I heard today that Bryan Singer is now officially off of the X-men: First Class movie. It seems there were scheduling problems with his other project “Jack The Giant Killer”. He will however stay on as producer for the X-men film which at least means he will have some hand in the movie’s final outcome. I don’t put to much faith in the upcoming X-men related movies anymore after we got the Third film and then the absolutely wretched Wolverine flick. The X-men First Class movie will follow the early days of them X-men most likely with new young hip actors cast in the roles of the X-men. I seriously wonder what team mebers will make up the original team here as for some reason Ice-man was made a teenager in the movie franchise and the Angel didn’t even really “join” until the third film.

Personally I could really care less about the “First Class” movie now. I am honestly more excited about Singer doing Jack the Giant Killer. I’ll take a good fantasy adventure over a sub par comic adaptation any day.  In this version of Jack the Giant Killer (written by Live Free or Die Hard scribe Mark Bomback), a long-standing peace between men and giants is threatened when a princess is taken hostage, leading a young farmer to head off to the dangerous giants’ kingdom in an attempt to win her freedom. This is expected to hit theaters at some point in 2011.


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