Ultimate Warrior Rant! Words to live by!!

Yes the Ultimate Warrior totally RULED! I was reminded last night about  how great he was as public speaker too! Check out  what was going through his mind before Wrestlemania 6 where he was preparing to battle Hulk Hogan. Now seriously these are words to live by!!

Still didn’t get enough? check this out too!

ok still want more UW

Ok check him out on Arsenio Hall. He must have really been bummed when Wrestlemania 6 ended and he couldn’t talk about Hulk Hogan every second of his life anymore…


  1. christopher

    I cant tell you how happy this makes me!I still have my ultimate warrior wrestling buddy!!!! WARRRIORRRRRR!!! If you’ve never seen the dvd the self destruction of the ultimate warrior I highly recommend it.

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