new moon is turning people into zombies as I type this!!

Whoah! New Moon is making  box office history! The biggest opening of all time?!! Beating out the Dark Night?! Start boarding the doors and windows because this movie is turning people into mindless zombies with horrible taste in movies!!  I knew it! Wow, I must say It is a sad day in the world with news like this…

This what was reported Zap 2 It just reported:

 “Twilight: New Moon” has surpassed “The Dark Knight” to have the most successful opening day at the box office ever, earning $72.7 million.

It hardly comes as a surprise, considering “New Moon” took in a record-setting $26 million at its midnight showings Thursday night. However, the $72 million on opening day absolutely smashed the previous record of $67 million, held by “The Dark Knight.”

It will be interesting to see what “New Moon” does to the three-day weekend numbers of “The Dark Knight,” which earned $158.4 million its first box office weekend. Critics have not been kind to “New Moon,” but we don’t think it will effect the numbers too much.

“New Moon” has doubled the $36 million opening day take for “Twilight” from a year ago. If this trend continues, “Breaking Dawn” will open to almost $290 million in one


  1. konales

    I go back to my earlier comment about this franchise…

    This is the noir/sci-fi/horror for the unimaginative, uncreative, and typical Hanna Montana loving cretins. Bahhhh…

    Wasting money on this worthless drivel is an insult to all humans…

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