What’s next?…Robot Fornication?!?!??

I just can’t get over this. We have this level of robotics and technology and those funny guys at the Taiwan University of Science and Technology just make them kiss. I realize that the dudes that pulled this technology together have more brains in one pinky that I do in my whole body. But as their professor/adviser…wouldn’t you just flunk them on the basis of spending money and time on this. This ends up looking like a really fancy version of Chuck E. Cheese in my opinion…but alas…less you nor I shall impede on the progress of technology!

I like how the students even took time to put the female robot’s hand on the pec of the guy bot. You know, if they are so smart, I want to see some touchy touchy with the kissy kissy! I hear a little foreplay can go a long way with an aluminum mechanical frame. YOWSERS!

Actually that is not a pectoral muscle, it is the multivariate flux transiting diode dual purpose hydrating sensor system…I know this for a fact…I looked it up on the internet.

Robot make out!

So to spin their life’s work, they stage up the robots for a make out session during part of Phantom of the Opera…I now reference an earlier Universal Dork blog from Saturday, Aug 29th…Creeps…

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