So was that the Chupacabra??

I was delighted to see when I sat down at my computer tonight that the legendary Chupacabra may have been captured!! I just watched the CNN video and while it’s not quite what I was expecting it’s a pretty weird looking animal. Most likely it is some sort of  hairless coyote or freaky mutated dog. I guess we’ll see what experts have to say about this creature. I was hoping for something a little more bizarre but I guess it’s still a pretty neat little discovery. And it’s cool to just say “They caught the Chupacabra!!”

chupacabra 5 

I was so bummed last summer when for like a week there was a possibilty that Bigfoot was real. Remember those two guys claimed to have it frozen in their freezer. Then it just turned out to be a gorilla suit….or did it?! Sometimes I wonder whether or not the government would want us to know if Bigfoot was really out there? What if they really did have Bigfoot and the government bought off their silence or shut them down completely saying it was a hoax? Just an idea. Anyway let’s see  a few more pics of what the Chupacabra is supposed to look like and then take another look at this odd creature… 


chupacabra 4



Oh and let’s not forget “Chupacabra Terror” the terd of a  movie starring John Rhys-Davies from 2005!

Ok and once again here’s the Chupacabra vid from today’s headlines…


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