Silver and Swamp Thing in 3D, Just Rumors?

This dork recently learned that Joel Silver is considering a remake of Swamp Thing…yeah, in 3D. At first I threw up my arms and yelled “No! Not Joel Silver!” But then I sat back and reviewed his list of contributions over the years. After my meditation time with the list I realize there were a lot of good, a lot of bad…and some downright ugly. Here is a list that I know I have seen over the years, and my preference. Please feel free to debate!

Swamp Thing

Good: The Warriors, Weird Science, Lethal Weapon 1&2, Predator 1&2, Die Hard, The Last Boy Scout, Demon Knight, The Matrix, Thir13en Ghosts, V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, The Matrix Revolutions

Bad: Action Jackson, Road House, Die Hard 2, Demolition Man, Richie Rich, House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax, Ghost Ship, The Matrix Reloaded

Ugly: Commando, Xanadu, Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Dungeons & Dragons

According to, they were able to get a short statement out of Silver during an event around his latest release Whiteout (with every dork’s favorite Kate Beckinsale). Silver indicated with no detail and certainty…”I’m going to hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we’ve had for a long time. We think that might be great to do in 3-D.” Unfortunately, to mess with this rumor, reality bites. Joel Silver has so many irons in the fire it could be a while before something happens here (i.e., a He-man movie, a Wonder Woman flick, yet another Lethal Weapon installment; quick before Danny Glover dies and Mel makes more racial comments).

After I review Joel Silver’s contributions I felt a bit more at ease with the fate of the essence of Alec Holland being in his hands. I felt there were many more goods than bads and uglys, in fact, there were many really DAMN goods in the list. So the question remains, with how full his plate is will Silver make Swamp Thing in the next 10 years? And in 10 years will we have transitioned to new cinematic viewing technology…like 4D??? Will he do justice to a story and character that so many great comic writers contributed; Wein/Wrightson, Moore, Veitch, Morrison, and Millar ?

Another part of me wants to throw my hands up in the air and yell “Christ…another remake!” Let’s not forget Wes Craven first visited the Swamp Thing DC Character in 1982. So in light of that, over 25 years and not that great of an attempt by Craven in the first place might make this a legit reason to remake.

I love the Adrienne Barbeau ass kicking scene in the first couple seconds…Yeah! If only Barbeau could’ve fought like that against the creature in Creepshow’s The Crate.

And we can all forget The Return of Swamp Thing (except Heather Locklear) in 1989.

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  1. konales

    Wow, I hate to comment on my own blogs, but I just had a 12 yr old moment with the Swamp Thing trailer. If you play the first couple seconds and just repeat, the sound effects are hypnotizing and very amusing. I think I replayed it a good 120 times. It goes something like this. AAAAAHHHH!! Ufff! CRUNCH! Face Punch, Stomach punch, Face Punch! I think you can count off the start of a song with the timing of the sound effects.

    Wow is that entertaining.

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