Beer, Cheese and the Supernatural!

Who says Wisconsin is just all cheese and beer? Well it is, but you know what else it has to offer? Haunted treasures! I myself grew up in Wisconsin and my family has a cottage there up in the north woods in a small quaint city called Three lakes. There are many strange stories that can be told about that area but one that remains most famous is about forty five  minutes north of Three Lakes on road an old railway  used to run through. There you can view the ghostly “The Paulding Light” (also reffered to as the Dog Meadows Light) and for years this has been a mystery!


Technically in Michigan it  lies about five miles past the Wisconsin border outside of  a tiny city called Watersmeet on Robbins Pond road . Every time I stay up in the north woods at our cottage I make sure to make a visit, somehow beleiving that I will be the one who finally cracks it’s sercret! Besides Ripley’s Believe It or Not offers a $100,000 prize to anyone who can solve this mystery!

paulding light 2

Essentially the Paulding Light will appear in the distance as a small red dot. As you wait within minutes it will begin to approach you getting brighter and more massive dancing between the trees. It has come about  about thirty to forty feet away from me and light up the entire road. A group of snowmobilers I met by chance there said that it actaully passed above their heads one evening. It can be seen several times every evening  and people have come from all over the world to see it. Unsolved Mysteries was even on location trying to figure out what it was with no luck.



The light is also the subject of popular folklore connected with hauntings and UFO sightings. Many beleive it to be a ghost light of a mail carrier who was hit by a train wile holding a lantern one evening . Some scientists think earthquakes left small cracks in the rock that allow radioactive gases to escape. Others think that merely swamp gas is responsible for the phenomenon. However, the light can still be been seen when the swamps are frozen. Another popular theory is that it is nothing more than car lights. But the Paulding Light was sighted way before cars were around. Many beleive it is some how connected with UFOs.

Either way it is always an amazing time to take people there for the first time. It’s a fun spooky late night trip that will have you talking for weeks. Next time I visit Wisconsin I will be sure to make a special trip to see the Paulding Light once again…. 


  1. Jamez

    Looks kinda like car lights to me (like how some are red and some are not). I am still skeptical. But if it is real, woah!

    • petersaturday

      You would just have to be there to really understand what happens. It’s definately not car lights. it comes close to you. Plus I am pretty sure Unsolved Mysteries & Ripley’s could have figured out if it was car lights. they couldn’t solve the mystery…

      • Guy Boyman

        Somebody needs to call in Leonard Nimoy to re-assemble the “In Search Of …” crew for a thorough investigation. Nobody can spook you with narration like 1970’s Leonard Nimoy (especially with creepy synthesizer background music).

  2. konales

    I too have witnessed the Paulding Light…definitely not car lights. As petersaturday mentions, it is still an open case for many of the professionals. Last I heard, it is still considered one of the most active paranormal sites on the books!

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