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The NEW fREDDY krueger?

I am not sure what everyone else thinks about yet another remake of a true horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I for one found it just a little bit more comforting when I read an article on Cinematical.com   with the new rumored Freddy Krueger. The word on the street is Jackie Earle Haley, The Watchmen’s own Rorshach will be donning the green and red sweater in the remake.


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Greatest comic book themed music Videos! Power man & iron fist rap about the watchmen in the 80’s!!!!

OK this has to be seen to be beleived!! This “Watchmen” song came out in 1980’s (can this really be real?) by rap duo “Luscious C and DJ Fist”. They are dressed up as Luke “Power Man” Cage and Iron Fist as they rap about the Watchmen!! Um am i dreaming here? Am i still asleep? Why have i never seen or heard of this before? One thing is for sure-I am gonna get the scoop on these guys! Maybe they will make a comeback now that the Watchmen are all the rage? I wonder if at least Alan Moore will check this video out as a substitute for the current movie? I wonder if he approved of this song and video? Who know maybe he sings along to it secretly everyday in the shower?!! Either way this is a true treat. I can honestly say as I search for comic book themed music videos I may as well stop here as I have obviously hit the jackpot-enjoy!!