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Comic Cover of the Week: Wisconsin’s Forgotten 1980s Superhero!

Here’s a flashback to late 1980s indie comics who’s covers pack a punch (or more so a KICK)! Wisconsin superhero Badger was always a favorite of mine, for one reason because the cheese state, from which I hail, never got much attention in the superhero spectrum. Mike Baron’s ‘First Comics’ creation was a truly unique spin on the genre. This incredible cover was one as a Wisconsinite always stuck in my mind! Badger was truly reppin’ the Midwest! A dynamic cover from 1988 by Steve Rude is one of my faves hands DOWN!

Comic Book Cover of the Week! Wisconsin’s Finest!

This week here I just had to post one of my favorite comic book covers beautifully drawn by one of the best artists the industry has ever seen-Mr. Mike Zeck (if you doubt me on rad of an artist he is you best check out his website)! What makes this even more special is that it’s his rendition of Wisconsin’s most beloved psychotic super hero, Madison’s very own Badger!! This cover from 1988 was always a favorite of mine, this legendary comic book put Wisconsin on the comic book radar when it started in 1983 and the comic book’s creator Mike Baron lived right there in Madison. Perhaps Baron needs to make a new Badger mini series where he takes down Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s regime and storms the capitol with a pack of enraged farm animals! How’s that for an idea??!