Comic Book Nostalgia: Rock Star Rob Liefeld and his 501’s!

I have mentioned this commercial here from the early 90’s you know back when Rob Liefeld was a comic book rock star! I am not sure how that happened really to this day, it still amazes me but ol’ Liefer has gotten enough negative press! So let’s not dwell on the fact that comic books like Youngblood is seriously unreadable as in doing so will likely make you less intellegent & damage your brain.

Check this out and relive a little comic book nostalgia!

Well folks that’s not all for today I also found this interview with Dennis Miller from back in the day. I think this was pre-Dennis Miller is the biggest Douche in the world era. Now that I am thinking about when exactly did Miller switch from being super funny to an asinine political tool? It happened overnight it seemed, well anyway check this out too more Rock Star Liefeld!

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