Comic Book Cover of the Week!

This weeks cover is one of my faves- Hulk number 5 marks the very first of  appearance of  Tyrannus one  of the Hulk’s most under rated villains! This classic cover beautifully drawn by Jack Kirby shows exactly why he is and will forever be known as quite possibly the best comic book artist of all time. It just doesn’t get any better than this folks!


  1. Christopher

    I will read this very soon.I just read the first issue the other day and man I’m ever glad they changed the hulk from how he started out!He was a jackass and he didn’t change into the hulk unless it was dark out and then he changed back at day time…..I was shocked He had a dopey lil side kick it was so damn weird. lol couse you know all this im sure 🙂

    • petersaturday

      yeah it was a weird scene back then-but it was the 60’s-I’m just glad he was created!! are you refering to his dopey sidekick as rick Jones?

    • petersaturday

      Rick Jones is actually kinda rad now that I think about it! I guess he’s a new Hulk like character called A-Bomb now in the current Hulk comics-not sure what I think about that yet!!

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