Monster Piledrivers!

So what if you could have a wrestling tournament set up with all your favorite monsters going head to head televised from an abandoned graveyard?? Well wait no longer folks because the upcoming horror comedy “Monster Brawl” plans to give you that exact scenario delivered to the comfort of your own home!

Enter eight of your favorite classic movie monsters and here you have it a fight to the death on pay-per-view. I am not sure exactly how this plot unfolds and why these movie monsters are participating in the first place but it’s already sounding like alot of fun.

Now add Jimmy Hart the Mouth of the South, Lance Henrickson, Kevin Nash and Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley to this list of stars and you’ve got a cult classic in the making! So keep your eyes open for a soon to be released trailer for this battle royale-it’s bound to be a blast….


  1. christopher

    AAHHH YESS!!! Cant wait for this! I saw Kevin Nash Lose the WWE Championship to Bret Hart back in 95! A no time limit no DQ fight.It was bad ass if you wanna see an 11 year old me losing my shit and geeking out harder then I ever have in my life you can see me on the PPV the whole time loll.Ive appeared on the Bret hart DVD set and his documentary…I cant begin to tell you how happy that makes me lol

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