It’s Time to give The Incredible Hulk a Chance Again!

As you may already know I am huge Incredible Hulk fan yet It has been at least a year since I have followed the comic book. I will admit I was hooked on Planet Hulk & World War Hulk. Infact I must admit those were some of the best Hulk stories I’ve read in years. Then what happens to my Hulk title that Greg Pack had so magnificently written? Well for some reason the title tuned into The Incredible Hercules and we start following the exploits of Hercules instead of the Hulk. Um ok…then a new title simply called Hulk emerges written by Jeph Loeb. Well I have to be honest about Mr. Loeb, he’s pretty hit or miss. Usually a miss in my opinion. I read maybe the first two issues of this title and was less than impressed. In fact so unimpressed I never picked up an issue again.


From time to time I’d consider buying the title just for the fact that I missed my old green buddy. With comic prices rising to four bucks a pop there was no chance I’d be risking the dough on Loeb’s Red Hulk, A-Bomb infested Hulk title. Recently however Pak has taken over The Incredible Hulk again with issue #601. But still having not read barely any of the previous Hulk by Loeb or even Incredible Hulk #600 also written by Loeb I was still not sold to shell out the cash even for Pak’s return.Yet.

Fall of the Hulks

Well today I was looking for further info on the Hulk title and saw some artwork and covers for the upcoming “Fall of The Hulks” on I must say I was intriqued.  Seeing images of old school villains like M.O.D.O.K., The Leader(with his old school long head), Mad Thinker, Egghead, Red Ghost and the Super-Apes and Doctor Doom really made me think of the possibility of an awesome old school Hulk adventure. From what I have read is these villains make up a team who have analyzed every victory & defeat in the Marvel Universe. Together they create the perfect battle strategy that will eventually cause Fall of  the Hulks arc to take place. Plus upon first glance at some of the teaser art world from I had to do a double take to make sure that some of the artwork wasn’t that of the master John Byrne him self.

fall of the hulks 3

I think it’s the work of artist Paul Pelletier that’s so closely influenced. So YES I am going to give this new Hulk story a shot hoping that Mr. Pak & yes even Jeph Loeb can reel me back in. Supposedly I don’t even have to read all that Red Hulk B.S. to get into this new story thank god. With the release of the Fall of the Hulks two one-shot comics Alpha & Gamma, it’s supposedly and excellent ponit to jump on board. So in the beginning of december I’ll be checking it out and who knows I may even pick up Incredible Hulk #600 and 601 before hand for good measure….

fall of the Hulk 2



  1. konales

    I have never really followed the hulk comics closely, but I did read Planet and World World mainly due to Pack being the writer…wow, that was one of my favorite Marvel story lines!

  2. petersaturday

    yeah those were GREAT Hulk stories. I am a fan of the lighter old school hulk stuff as well and thought the Jeph Loeb stuff would fill that void for me. I can’t stand the red hulk!

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