Artists that need to come back to comics!! MIKE ZECK!!

A friend and I were talking about current comic books and one of our main problems with them as of lately has been the artwork. Some of these “hot new” artists just don’t seem to be cuttin’ it these days! It seems like everyone’s drawing their comic books while watching Dragon Ball and Pokemon marathons. Don’t get me wrong there are some fantastic new artists out there but it got us to thinking….

If anyone knows how to draw the Punisher right it’s Mike Zeck…

Let’s face it, John Romita Jr is one of the hottest artists out there right now and he’s totally old school!! So what about the other heavy hitters from the 1980’s? What about Mike Zeck?!!! Where the heck has this guy been hiding? You probably would recognize his artwork from the original Punisher limited series. Yeah the ones with the most awesome covers of ALL TIME! Or maybe even from “Kraven’s Last Hunt” one of the coolest Spidey(He was one of the creators of the black Spider-man costume too) Stories EVER!!

I wonder if this is where Neil Marshal got his idea for the “Descent” and the cave dwelling “Crawlers”?

Either way this guy was one of the late 70’s & 80’s greatest artists. So my question is where has he been and how the hell can we get him back? Well in the meantime all I can do is wonder and hope he makes a comeback! Mike Zeck RULES!!

The Punisher in this picture must have just saw the “Punisher: War Zone” movie and is planning paying the director of it a visit…

Mike Zeck brought Cap to a whole new level….


  1. Zane Grant

    I like this entry topic. Please do more on forgotten artists. (I found your blog researching my next book, ‘on the schematics of voodoo phones’ is the tentative title).

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