The Beyonder’s greatest moments…

In case anyone was wondering that dude at the top of our page is “The Beyonder” from “Secret Wars II” from the 80’s. He has gotta be one of Marvel’s Lamest villains ever (though I think Dylan who also posts here may strongly disagree). He was considered the most powerful alien being in the universe. But in the comics when he first came to earth he was really confused about alot of shit we do here. For a short period upon arriving to Earth he took on the physical appearance of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and and shortly thereafter as the Michael Jackson style character seen at the top of our page. As you can see in the panel below he’s completely clueless as he harasses Peter Parker in an elevator!! Check out one of his many “Why Is?” moments!



  1. 1frombeyond

    I am not a vill…Beyonder is not a villain. He is an entire universe. He just ‘is’. He can wipe out an entire reality with a simple thought. Luckily though he is as vulnerable to boredom and curiosity as mortals are and even luckier for you, he’s fascinated my earthlings and their desires. Otherwise you would not exist to say such things.

    (PS, more Jimmy Cheung Beyonder please)

  2. Christopher

    Thanks for explaining the guy at the top of yourpage:) I didnt know what he was from. Oh look a geek just admitted he didnt know what the reference was!!! Could this be? An internet geek who dosent know everything??? Im a rare breed!

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