Mini Movie Round Up: Sam Elliot Kills BigFoot, Evil 80’s Genies and More!

Hey! I’ve been watching a TON a movies this last week, some old and some new some good, some great, some well…anyway here’s my reviews of some of my most recent gambles! Have you seen any of these?

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot (2019)

This movie has all the ingredients sprinkled just within it’s title alone to be possibly the greatest movie of all time! Add in the awesome Sam Elliot as “the man” who does the killing and you pretty much can’t lose right?! Well going into this you just might think it’s supposed to be some sorta’ over the top exploitation style action flick, luckily I watched the trailer and did a bit of poking around beforehand, cuz’ this one is pretty much the opposite of what you’d be lead to believe from it’s wild and crazy title. Knowing this already, I felt prepared for a good heartfelt drama, but instead was delivered a jumbled mess of a movie. A mash up of flashbacks to WW2, romanctic interludes from the past and back to the modern times of Sam Elliot’s now lonely existence should have held more much more weight. I was left wondering why even have these insane all too brief plot lines with Hitler and Bigfoot at all? None of them are very memorable and neither have much real time dedicated to them. In fact I’d have preferred the movie more if they’d have skipped all the ‘Bigfoot and Hitler’ stuff altogether. It’s well acted and looks great but it’s weak meandering storyline for a movie with a title like this leaves me quite perplexed. I was really looking forward to this one, but man towards the middle I was starting to feel like nodding off, while my mind began wandering, finding myself checking the clock and runtime. It fails a drama & an adventure flick and it leaves me pretty disappointed with what it could have been ultimately. 



The Final Terror (1983)

This little largely forgotten slasher flick is officially my first blu ray disc I’ve ever purchased. It’s 20 steps up in film quality from it’s previous VHS release, much of what was shrouded in darkness by the terrible transfer, making many of the scenes so damn hard to watch. Well this cleaned up version is truly stunning, being a horror movie that takes place in the forests of the Pacific NW most of it’s appeal comes from the lush vast foliage captured here. It’s a sweet little survival flick that features both Daryl Hannah and Rachel Ward in early roles as part of a camping crew that heads off into the woods only to be pursued by an evil psycho backwoods stalker. The problem for some may be the extremely low body count and high survivor rate of the group of twenty somethings. I think it’s a pretty cool different take on the genre, the whole movie has a genuinely spooky atmosphere, creepy foreshadowing campfire tales, cool raft scenes and a pretty likable cast. We even get an over the top super duper young Joe Pantoliano. It’s also got a great slasher villain, who unfortunately gets far too little screen time. But If you’re looking for a beautiful looking 80’s survival flick with some slasher elements sprinkled about, The Final Terror will likely quench your thirst!



The Hidden (1987)

Here’s an awesome movie I revisited this weekend that just doesn’t get enough attention from horror/action fans. The Hidden will please fans of both genres, being a hybrid of movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Terminator & Lethal Weapon. Yeah put those all into a blender and you’ve basically got “The Hidden”. It’s full of over the top action that rarely lets up as it moves along at sweet brisk pace. Great characters as well throughout, the two leads Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri are a ton of fun to watch and our alien baddy who’re they’re in hot pursuit of never lets the crowd down in it’s choice of rad 80’s personas it parasitically transfers into. There’s awesome car chases, an epic gross out alien scene, a badass heavy metal music soundtrack and an awesome setting of 80’s LA filled with neon galore. Oh yeah there’s also a sweet cameo by Danny Trejo-see if you can catch it!! The Hidden is top notch fucking 80’s awesomeness, it’s got all the elements of the perfect party flick! 


Knight Chills (2001)

Looking for a cheap ass early 2000’s supernatural slasher flick, that takes place during Christmas about a bullied D&D role player dude, out for revenge who takes the game way too seriously that’s also shot on video? Well look no further folks because this one’s got all of that and though it’s not as gory I’d hoped it be it’s pretty ambitious for it’s clearly minuscule budget. The Dungeons and Dragons obsessed role player commits suicide after being rejected after a gaming session from his secret crush and later returns as ghostly knight on a steed to wreck havoc on his old gaming gang who didn’t show him any damn respect! The movie also features a suuuuper annoying little kid who’s clearly trying to be cute and plenty of horrible dialogue, wooden acting and idiotic gaming sequences. As someone who plays D&D I found enough here to enjoy as there’s not a lot of role playing horror stuff out there. This is worth a watch for that alone!

The Outing (1987)

This one caught me by surprise, it’s one of those rad 80’s flicks I’d never seen before that delivered the damn goods! I live for watching movies like this for the first time, ‘The Outing’ also known as ‘The Lamp’ is a sweet little horror movie that involves a cursed lamp that’s stolen from an old woman’s creepy mansion by a gang of super annoying thugs and ends up in a museum for research after they release an ancient evil force from within it. It’s got a great opening sequence and remains a ton of fun throughout. It’s also got one of the most over the top bully ex-boyfriend asshole dudes in it I’ve ever seen! The “hallway school locker bully battle” is epic as fuck and when the female school teacher gets involved it amps it all up to 11! Anyway a gang of high school students decides to stay over night in a museum after a field trip because, well that’s the kind of shit you did back in 1987! Of course the “most over the top 80’s bully” and his asinine buddy also follow the kids there, because well that’s what bullies did back then, they ruffed you up in real life and stalked you and shit. Anyway the Genie’s out of the bottle and the pesky teenagers begin to get off’d, there’s some cool shit going on here for sure. A great 80’s teen movie with a cool creepy museum setting and of course that evil genie is pretty damn sweet as well when you finally get to see him in all his damn glory. A cool supernatural slasher/monster flick with a killer cobras in the bath tub scene that’ll likely make you squirm. All the stops are pulled here with the classic 80’s fx I dig so much-hunt this sucker down it’s totally worth it! 

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