Star Wars Episode IX: Hopes & Predictions Part 2!

Hey! Here we are with part two of my hopes and predictions for Star Wars Episode IX, this next installment is quite a deal breaker for the franchise’s future. The Last Jedi was a polarizing film and JJ really needs to rope all the fans back into the arena and get everyone to stop bickering and name calling. How’s he going to accomplish this? Well the last installment I focused on Luke, Rey &  Kylo and what I hope to see from them in the next movie, I also included what I think though will actually end up being the case for the characters. One things clear, there’s a lot of fans who’re lacking the enthusiasm they once had for Star Wars, so let’s take a look at some of the remaining characters and figure out just what’d be the winning recipe for Episode IX that just might bring back the disgruntled customers to the franchise!  


I loved Finn in The Force Awakens, his character was totally likable and his back story was actually pretty unique as well. Sadly in The Last Jedi he was given a pretty uninspiring side quest that went nowhere not fast enough. I continue to think of all the other more compelling scenarios that could’ve been thought up instead of the whole casino thing and that whole being arrested for parking his ship illegally on the beach and thrown into jail thing. Uggh…such bad writing in my opinion. I hope in Episode IX Finn gets a little more respect and is given a more interesting story arc. I also hope he’s given another chance to wield a lightsaber, he’s got serious potential and needs one of his own for sure. In my opinion also he’d be the best love interest for Rey, him and Rose had absolutely zero chemistry.


Finn’s going to be given serious redemption and JJ’s gonna for sure have a rewarding adventure for him to embark on as well this time around. I’m predicting he’ll use a lightsaber again as well at some point in the movie. He’ll also spend a lot more time with Rey as the two of them had sweet chemistry together in The Force Awakens, I’m also predicting they’ll have some sort of love connection, it makes a lot more sense than the whole “Reylo” theory. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually saves Rey from Kylo in the first lightsaber duel in the next movie. Whatever the case he’s gonna be utilized in a much more compelling way this time around. I’m guessing that his “relationship” with Rose will be headed into the “friend zone” in the next film.


The Remaining Original Trilogy Characters: Leia, Chewy, Lando, R2D2 & C3P0

Oh how I’d love these characters to get their chance to really shine one more time. It’s a shame how they’ve been shoved to the background especially in the last movie. I’m hoping Chewy gets a ton more screen time and is included this time around as a real supporting character. He was barely in The Last Jedi and when he was he was simply utilized for quick “porg humor”. This time I hope he’s actually in on the action, teaming up and sharing the screen with Lando in the Falcon.

Speaking of Lando I’m hoping he get’s more than a quick cameo, give him a substantial role and perhaps pair him up with the remaining classic cast members. I think it’d be interesting if Lando was so angered by Han’s death that he was fueled to want revenge against Kylo. That’s a scenario we could really feel for his character. Also let’s get C3P0 and R2D2 in this damn movie more, am I the ONLY one who thinks these two need more screen time?! These droids are truly iconic & what’d be amazing would be if Luke didn’t die and could be teamed with the droids and Chewy once again. That however for some reason seems like wishful thinking at this point.

Lastly Leia, sadly there’s not much they can really do with her at this point, they’ve got some footage they can splice etc but since she was pushed to the background in The Last Jedi sadly we’re left with whatever JJ’s got in the vaults. I’d have loved to have seen her use the Force in a different way, I think it would have been amazing if it had been revealed that Luke had indeed trained her as a Jedi (like in the Legends/EU material) and she’d pulled out a lightsaber in The Last Jedi rather than oddly flying through space. But hey that’s just my opinion. All in all I hope they showcase the classic characters more this time around-people still LOVE them!!


I’m pretty sure we’re going to be seeing a quite a bit more of the classic characters this time around, I think all of them listed above will get a more screen time, I also don’t think JJ is going to kill off any of the old characters in this movie. I just don’t see him risking angering the fan base who were disappointed with The Last Jedi any more than they are at the moment. I predict Lando will take back the Falcon & also share some much needed heartfelt screen time with Chewy as well. I’m looking forward to more of C3P0 & R2 as well, I’m betting the two of them will spend a bit more time together on screen as well. Leia’s role is the one I’m most worried about as the use of unused footage to feature her in the movie could end up feeling out of place. I wish she’d have been given a much larger role in The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson truly lacked a solid vision for Leia.


New Characters: Thrawn, Asoka, Mara Jade & The Knights of Ren?!

There’s reportedly a ton of new characters in this next installment, many think it might end up being a bit crowded, but hey Avengers; Infinity War had a huge cast and it was pretty sweetly executed. I’m hoping for a few things with the addition of new faces, first hoping that Richard E. Grant is indeed portraying Grand Admiral Thrawn as had been rumored online. I think Thrawn coming into the mix is exactly what this next movie needs. For me Kylo Ren just isn’t enough of a threat, Thrawn however could provide for some amazing drama. He could even be there to question Kylo’s often rash decisions, as a tactical genius in war he might also at some point decide to oust Ren from power if he feels him as inept. He’d likely shape up Hux as well who in The Last Jedi came across as a bit of a moron.

I also hope that this next installment will indeed feature the “Knights of Ren”, they were nowhere to be found in Episode 8. If included now they could be a terrifying force to be reckoned with and even could be able to defeat Rey in battle if they all fought her at the same time. They need to be scary and fierce, as right now Hux & Kylo Ren after the last movie feel like two bumbling man babies instead of the big baddies they should be. The Knights surely could add some fear into the hearts of the heroes if handled correctly!

Keri Russell also will be starring in this next movie, her code name in casting was “Mara” which majorly excited fans of the EU (Legends) Star Wars material. I’m hoping she’ll indeed play the iconic red haired Jedi love interest of Luke Skywalker. How amazing would that be? I’m not sure how she’d fit into the plot but it’d likely be some sort of reveal that Luke did indeed have a lover at one time and perhaps with Lukes “death” (if he’s really dead) she emerges onto the scene to kick some ass with her lightsaber. Fingers crossed!

Asoka Tano has also been “rumored” to make an appearance, I’m hoping this is indeed true as this next movie needs all the help it can get, it’s even possible that Russell could be portraying that character instead? There’s been rumors Asoka might be part of Maz Kanata’s rumored space pirate ship crew? I’m hoping this is the case, these new movies need to take advantage of the rich characters that were created in the EU/Animated/comic book material. Much like how Marvel draws ideas and characters from the pages of their comics some of the characters from the older books and animated shows could be excellent additions to the live action movies. Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces to the mix in part 9.


I’m predicting that Richard E. Grant shows up as Thrawn. He looks exactly like the guy and despite him & JJ denying that’s who he will be playing, look how things unfolded with the legendary Khan appearing in ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’. To waste the opportunity to feature this cool character in the movie would be incredibly stupid and to cast Grant as anyone else would be a crime. Also why the hell not? It’d only hype the movie up that much more and it’d be a great way to gather interest from the hardcore fans, many of whom are looking for a reason to get invested into the sequel trilogy again.

Keri Russell’s role, I predict she’ll be someone new, most likely an evil character to pick up the slack from Captain Phasma (another completely wasted character from The Last Jedi). As awesome as it’d be to get her in the role of the legendary Jedi Mara Jade or Asoka Tano I don’t think either of those characters will appear in the movie. The fact that her code name for the character was “Mara” tells me she’ll likely appear as someone different but similar in ways to the classic character. Finger crossed though that I’m wrong, JJ could have used reverse psychology revealing her casting code name as Mara, to throw us off, that might be who she indeed shows up as in the movie. we’ll see.

The Knights of Ren will for surely be appearing in this next film, Rian Johnson again wasted the potential to utilize these characters at all in The Last Jedi. There were rumors at one point that the Episode 8 finale would feature the Kylo & The Knights of Ren storming the island on Ahch-To after learning of Luke hiding out there. They’d then have battled Luke and Rey there, but sadly that’s not what we ended up seeing. In this next movie I think JJ will use them like he originally intended and that will be pretty exciting in my opinion.

Lastly the Plot:

A bit of a stab in the dark here, but what we’ve heard so far is that Leia will send off groups of characters to different planets to find recruits to fight The First Order. But other than that we don’t have really any other bit of of plot info. I guess what I predict is that it’s not going to follow the beats of Return of the Jedi, but be truly it’s own thing. I think we’re going to get a lot of Force Ghosts & flashbacks into the past to explain Luke’s time with Kylo and how things went wrong, something that would have been better suited for Episode 8. We’ll likely get some some Snoke flashbacks as well as The Last Jedi really gave us nothing to explain his evil reign and corruption of Kylo. We’ll see it all, maybe a bit too late in the game and better suited for Episode 8, but better late than never I suppose. 

Clearly we’re going to get an all out space battle and also a rematch with Ren & Rey. I also feel like we’re going to get some sort of bigger threat from the dark side of the force, something that will trigger Kylo Ren to become Ben Solo again and fight alongside Rey. Could it be the return of Snoke? Possibly, but It’ll be someone bigger and badder than Snoke. I think Kylo will sacrifice himself in the end and likely die. There will also be some flashback / vision sequences involving Darth Vader, The Emperor and Luke. But plotwise It’s really anyones guess though at this point. What do you think is going to go down? Are you excited?

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