The 5 Potentially Most Awesome Upcoming Horror Flicks!!

Great new horror movies are hard to come by these days, so here I am once again, to give you a list of 5 movies that seem to be contenders to drum up the ultimate scares! I’m always on the look out for new horror stuff and also always lookin’ out for ones that might just fly under the radar because they’re not big Hollywood productions. So here my predictions for some cool spooky shit to keep your eyes peeled for!


Hooooooooly shit! This Trailer looks absolutely amazing, totally unique and for fans of Nicholas Cage it’s gonna likely be a full on wet dream. Everything about this movie looks fantastic, horrifying, gory, mysterious and beautiful. It also involves a creepy ass religious cult who it appears Cage has to do battle with to get ultimate revenge! Check this out it’s got me foaming at the mouth and the movie drops September 14th 2018!!



Who’d have though the cult classic Aussie movie ‘Razorback’ would have started a mini sub genre of it’s own? Well this new big crazed wild boar horror flick revives the genre and boasts amazing special fx and ass kickin’ evil pig action. I’ve been waiting a while for this one to drop, as igt’s been delayed here several times and it seems the big pig practical fx extravaganza horror flick is coming straight at us sometime in 2018!



This indie horror flick was made with a whoppin’ $13,500 budget by gore hound cult director Todd Sheets and looks like a damn fun time ala old school 70’s and 80’s horror. It also stars horror icon Linnea Quigley, in what appears to be more than just your usual cameo these days & features again all practical ultra old school low budget special fx. Sheets is kinda a legend as he’s been at it shooting gory horror movies on video since the 80’s. True indie film making from a true horror hound. This one is out October 9th, 2018!


4. PUPPET MASTER – The Littlest Reich

Puppet Master is officially back and looking as it might be as rad as ever, who’d have ever expected huh? I love those cheezy ass Puppet Master movies and now they’re even more evil as it appears the puppets are now Nazis-I hope they get punched in the damn face! Being penned by S. Craig Zahler (Bone TomahawkBrawl In Cell Block 99) is enough a reason alone to check this one out as it’s supposedly filled with some of the wildest most gory puppet mayhem to ever grace the silver screen. Count me in! This one’s set to drop this August 17th! No official trailer released yet but hopefully soon. It premiered here in Portland, Oregon and from what I heard it was a total blast.


5. SUMMER OF ’84

I’m down for a good nostalgia trip IF it’s done tastefully, this one’s been described as ‘Stranger Things’ with a serial killer. Set in 1984, it features a gang of teens who suspect their neighborhood police officer might actually be a deranged killer (well that’s of course totally plausible, especial in 2018). All stemming from a neighborhood teenage conspiracy theorist, the kids get roped into a summer adventure unlike anything they’d ever expected. Ahhh yes, back in the 80’s when kids roamed around without parents hovering above and monitoring their every move, this one looks like a ton of fun. Oh yeah written and directed by the guys who did ‘Turbo Kid’ so yeah this one just might be awesome!

Bonus to the list!!


Wait, wait, wait! There’s one more I’m dying to check out, from my old stomping grounds in Wisconsin (where I was born and grown) comes a new killer clown movie that’s supposedly adding a unique twist to the evil clown genre. This little indie horror film had the greatest viral marketing scheme a couple years back when it’s antagonist “Gags” the clown was making the news all around the country as he was spotted wandering the streets of Green Bay, Wisconsin creeping people out, unknown to the townsfolk it was set up by the filmmakers and here’s the result, a full feature horror flick about the elusive Gags the clown himself! This one just recently premiered at Cinepocalypse!  

The full trailer hasn’t yet been released but here’s the teaser:

Oh and here’s some real news coverage from the creepy clown’s initial Green Bay appearances:







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