Big Trouble In Little China: Remake or Sequel?!

I heard recently that John Carpenter is co-writing an official sequel comic book series to his classic “Big Trouble in Little China” called “Old Man Jack”. It’s set in 2020 and follows the further adventures of the now 60 year old Jack Burton as he once again does battle with evil forces looking to conquer the Earth. Coming this September, this new series from Boom! Studios is getting the internet talking about getting Carpenter to adapt the comic to the big screen by long time fans. Sounds like a god damn bonafide slam dunk huh?!

Well not so fast movie maniacs! What a lot of people have forgotten is that 20th Century Fox has been threatening all of us fans of the original movie with a remake starring Duane “The Rock” Johnson as the new Jack Burton. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually like The Rock, but when it comes to the choice of a sequel to ‘Big Trouble’ with Kurt Russell at the very least written by Carpenter, it’s a no brainer. At the very least, give us the damn sequel first!! You can always reboot that shit later. I’d hope at this point Hollywood gets the very simple fact that people want sequels (done with integrity mind you) for their favorite movies rather than another throw away, cookie cutter, “here today gone tomorrow” remakes of a cult classic they keep servin’ us up. It should be proof enough with sequels to Star Wars, Blade Runner & tv shows like Ash vs Evil Dead that prove people don’t really want a full on remake. They want the story to continue. The solution to the problem at hand is simple, just add Duane Johnson to the damn cast of the sequel, have him team up with Kurt Russell! DUH!

Also Kurt Russell isn’t too old to kick ass either, hell the sequel comic series sounds a bit like it’s pulling from Ash vs Evil Dead & Old Man Logan bit for inspiration. They’ve got consider the reasons why people love these movies and build upon that. But what if they gave John Carpenter a big budget to make the sequel? Could he deliver the goods still? What’s Carpenter’s last good flick? Has he lost his touch? His last decent movie was “Ghosts of Mars” which a lot of people aren’t big fans of and that was way back in 2001 and he hasn’t even directed a feature film since 2010. That one was ‘The Ward’ and wasn’t exactly a shining moment in his illustrious career.

Perhaps a project like this would bring back some of the old magic? I’m going to make up my mind when this new series drops, I’ll look at the miniseries more like a storyboard and see if it’s got real potential. In the meantime let’s raise some noise about this series getting a proper sequel with Kurt Russell! I’d love one more ride with the OG Jack Burton on the Pork Chop Express wouldn’t you?!!


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