Would the REAL Karate Kid Please Stand Up?!

Here it is the new trailer to the remake of the Karate Kid, a movie that I refuse to see! Wasn’t The Next Karate Kid with Hilary Swank bad enough? Now we have a remake of probably one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. Not to mention one of the best 80’s movies ever. Luckily they changed the names of the main characters. I would blow my top if Jaden Smith was Daniel Laruso and Jackie Chan was Mr. Miagi!!

From the preview it appears to follow a very similar story as the original. Single mother moves far away with son, son meets girl, son gets bullied, son meets a karate master, son gets girl, learns karate, wins tournament. The strange thing is that for some reason they chose a ten year old to take the place of Ralph Macchio’s role! What’s up with that? Who wants to see a bunch of ten year olds trying to beat each other up?  Do ten year olds even like girls at that age? I remember at ten I would rather play with He-man and the Horde slime pit than run around town trying to pick up chicks!

I also don’t care how cool they think these ten year old bully kids are gonna be in this new remake they got absolutely NOTHING on the Cobra Kai!!! Those guys have gotta be the coolest most asinine movie villains of all time! By the end of the original Karate Kid you just cannot wait to see Johnny get his ass served to him on a platter by Daniel Laruso. Plus everyone wanted to see Miagi kick Sensei’s ass from the moment they met!! Too bad you had to wait til the second film to see those two square off!

One other thing I have to mention is that the original Karate Kid had Elizabeth Shue in it as well! If I was Daniel Laruso I would have got my ass kicked repeatedly too if it meant I could hang out with her all year! 

I think that the original Karate Kid is right up there with the Breakfast Club as one of the best teen coming of age movies of the 80’s. A part of me is relieved to see that they didn’t try to  make wretched second rate copies of the original characters and put them into current times. But still this is another remake that simply never needed to be made. I highly, highly doubt this new version will have the same impact today as the original did on the kids of 1984…


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