Santa and More of His Secret Weirdo Buddies…

A couple days ago I did a blog about The Krampus, a feirce Christmas demon of Austrian folklore who terrorizes naughty children around the holidays and was good buds with Santa. Now you better believe there’s more Christmas creeps than just the Krampus from folklore. So let’s see who else joins the ranks of “good” ol’ Saint Nick’s bad boy buddies. Here’s a few more legendary x-mas party poopers to brighten the holidays for all the naughty kids of the world!

First up is Knecht Ruprecht (pictured above), who in German folklore is companion to Santa. Let me tell you Santa’s choice of friends leaves something to be desired with the additon of this jack ass. Apparently Santa and this jarhead would go door to door demanding the the children to come outside and sing a song or dance to prove to these guys that they have been good all year. If the kids messed up their routine apparently Santa would let his good ol’ pal Knecht kick the shit out of them on their own front porch! What a bunch of assholes!

Second up is Santa’s Douche Bag buddy from France, Pere Fouettard (pictured above). He’s also known as “The Whipping Father”. Apparently Pere owned an inn and killed and robbed three rich children who stayed there one evening. Somehow Santa found out about this, used his Christmas magic to ressurect the children, forced Pere to be his personal servant and accompany him on his voyages around the world to visit children on Christmas. Hmmm maybe Santa could have chosen a guy with better credentials to hang out with the kids?

In the Netherlands there’s Black Peter (pictured above) another one of Santa’s questionable friends. As the legend goes Santa and Black Pete used to be mortal enemies, fighting epic battles against each other until one day Santa layed the beatdown on his ass and enslaved him once and for all. In the early days both of these geezers used to punish kids by kidnapping them and apparently bringing them to Spain where they lived for nearly the entire year. After a while though I guess Santa started to feel like a jerk and gave the job of kidnapping kids soley to Black Pete! What a guy! Santa then focused his time on being a good guy but still enjoyed hangin’ with Pete and bringing him along for some good christmas fun. The best thing about Black Pete is that in one of my D&D adventures where I was Dungeonmaster, I sent the PCs into a wintery Christmas land where they had to face off against him and his evil demonic reindeer.

Hans Trapp (pictured above) is another European Christmas character. He’s been described as an ogre like creature that collects bad children around Christmas time. Watch out for this guy if you’ve been naughty because he will snatch you up and throw you into his sack and haul you off into the dark woods where he lives forever! Apparently he hangs out with an angelic woman called Chirstkindl. As she passes out gifts he gets to work with his favorite past time kidnapping all the brats!

There are many more christmas weirdos out there that it seems Santa has been trying to hide away in recent years like skeletons in his closet. It’s just good to know a little more about the people Santa chooses to spend his time with before you can fully trust him. So this year sleep with one eye open cuz you never know who Santa is going to bring with him!

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