Mega vs. Giant vs. me Arse! WTF?

Just when you think the world has see ever large animal/beast film in CG, someone still has to push the limit and make one more. Seriously, who is watching this crap? Oh wait…the Syfy channel needs another new movie of their Saturday night line up, that’s who. Come on, didn’t we learn anything from Anacondas and Pythons, and let’s not forget Anaconda vs. Pythons!

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

To top this fine addition to the CG humunga-dunga library, it appears to feature Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson…again…WTF??? I am officially requesting that this movie be retitled The Renegade Electric Youth vs. Humunga-Dunga Beasts!

Debbie and the Renegade

I realize that many readers out there might cry out and require me to do a full and proper review of this movie, but I cry out, please watch the trailer…I think you will agree that a proper review is not justified. It was released in the US in May of 2009. I am updating this one day later and crazy enough…Syfy Channel is playing this movie on Saturday August 29 during their usual Saturday night bad movie premier!

Since on the subject of humunga-dunga crap…this movie looks more enjoyable that Super Fin vs. Raucous Tentacles. Its Attach of the Giant Leeches. Also expected for release in 2009, this is fine addition from Brett Kelly Entertainment. This has to be one of the most non-compelling trailers I have every seen, complete and utter lack of action and order of events. But wow, this is on my list…well before Crazy Big Jaws vs. Pure Octo-Force.


  1. petersaturday

    Oh man I have walked by that stupid Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus dvd for months now! That looks like some truely terrible cinema!! The cg is Wretched!!

  2. konales

    So I wrote the blog…then I sat through it Saturday night on Syfy…wow am I a dork. But my synopsis was verified…terrible movie…

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