You Control the Hulk!! Well sorta….

One thing that I love are vintage toys and their commercials! Another thing I love beyond belief is The Incredible Hulk! So check out this “radio controlled” version of the jade giant. Sounds pretty amazing huh? Controlling the Hulk’s every move?! Wrecking havok on all that stand in his way? Well not quite, it was 1980 so you had to take what you could get. How about a blow up doll Hulk attached to  a radio contolled stand? Well I certainly thought it was the shit!  So what if the rest of his body didn’t move and he moved more slowly than a wasted tortoise! Check this out and see what all the rage was if you were a kid in 1980!  


  1. konales

    I am glad this passes the test of being able to cross from linoleum to carpet…otherwise it would just be another 80’s toy for sure.

  2. Guy Boyman

    And what kid doesn’t want a 3½ foot tall inflatable Dracula coming at you in the middle of the night, with his glowing teeth and eyes? “Sweet dreams, sweetie! Don’t let inflatable Dracula bite you with his glowing teeth!”

    • petersaturday

      Yeah Hulk sure has a weak ass group of Inflatable remote controlled buddies to hang out with! Mckey Mouse , Dracula and um… space maruder? Couldn’t they have got someone with as little more street cred like spider-man?

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