Final Verdict: Disney STAR WARS is Pretty Decent FAN Fiction!

‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ has officially wrapped up with the finale of the series released today! I watched it an enjoyed the finale/the series in general was pretty fun. It was a good time seeing the prequel era get some love, Ewan & Hayden back for some sort of “redemption” from their wooden performances of the prequels was nice to see. That all being said this series has really cemented Disney Star Wars, at least for me, as big budget fan fiction. Long gone are the days of me freakin’ out over new Star Wars stuff.

At this point I view this new stuff in the same way I do YouTuber Star Wars fan fiction videos. It took me a while to get here as for years The “Sequel” Trilogy would trigger me into a geek rage. But once I realized George Lucas had sold Disney the treatments for his true sequel trilogy and they chose to instead let JJ & Rian Johnson write their own, I knew Star Wars now is actually more like a Marvel Comics “What If?” adventure than the real vision of George.


Today, I just don’t take it seriously for THAT simple reason. It’s just like ‘Legends’, but with less interesting, less daring, more corporate influence over the franchise. ‘Kenobi’ was just fine, it had some great moments but it also had what I think was somewhat predictable, lazy story telling.

It’s honestly probably the best you’re gonna get out of a giant corporate entity that is pumping out Star Wars content like an 80s sitcom rather than a precious cinematic event. It’s all now sorta just regular standard streaming “content”, we know more is on the way by the boatload to keep that monthly subscription ongoing. $$$$$ to the MOUSE Y’all!!

So it was all just fine, Kenobi came back and while it wasn’t mind blowing storytelling it was for the most part a “good time”. Of all the series on Disney Plus though this should have been “the one” to melt the minds of the fans. So many missed opportunities to make a truly epic unforgettable adventure. My expectations are low these days, so I wasn’t let down but still, I always just wish they’d have George crafting at the very least the BASIC storylines…

I wanna know what had REALLY happened to Luke, Leia, Lando & Han from the creator himself. I wanted to know what Obi Wan & Vader were really up to during this time period and we’ll perhaps the mystery of it all is better left in the minds of us fans...





















































  1. Chris

    I think kenobi is the first real awful thing for me, from Disney. I didn’t enjoy anything they did because all of the good stuff was ripped off from cartoons,comic books and video games, that did those moments better. The directing felt like it was done by Kevin Dunn of WWE with all that weird shaky cam. The writing was way worse than George’s prequel work. I didn’t belive any of it for a moment, not even Ewan as obi wan. I’m so bored of the reusing of legacy characters. The continuity errors are blatant and unforgivable.I agree, it’s big budget fan fiction and I’m close to giving up on the live action shows. Star wars quality has stayed top notch in the realm of dave filonis animated shows and he we was the true Palawan learner of George Lucas. I’m close to only watching his stuff when it comes to the new star wars. I’m also tired of star wars not being in movie theaters. Disney needs to get over the mixed reaction to the sequel trilogy and give us more episodes!!

  2. Peter Saturday

    I agree with a lot of your points and really think that Star Wars has lost its Cinematic following Possibly from all of this streaming content it just doesn’t feel special any more the way it used to. I was incredibly disappointed with the sequel trilogy and ultralogy and it took a lot for me to even care what happened after that. That being said I kind of wish that they would have just made the mandalorian the sequel trilogy and at the end of it added an old Luke Skywalker Who takes Grogu! I’m always down to check out the new Disney Star Wars stuff but for me it’s nothing that bothers me anymore as it’s clearly moved so far away from George Lucas’s vision… I indeed view it now as purely fan fiction.

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