Could We Now Get the REAL Defenders from Marvel on the Big Screen?!!

So it seems that the Marvel Netflix shows have run into some problems recently with the cancelation of the Iron Fist and Luke Cage shows as well as the low viewership of the third season of Daredevil. The prospect of a second season of ‘The Defenders’ is certainly not in the cards anymore either. So with that being said could it be possible we just might get the classic comic book incarnation of the iconic team sometime in the near future? This new Netflix version of the team kinda bothered me, using the name when indeed, these characters never banded together in the comics (a couple briefly joined the ranks in the comics at different points in time) at least before this series was announced. It seems possible that a movie version of the team could indeed happen as Marvel Comics is reviving the original characters as The Defenders once again next month! A couple of the characters to complete one of the most classic versions of the team already exist in the Marvel cinematic universe, so banding the Defenders for the big screen would be pretty easy and thrilling as well while being able to add some awesome never before seen characters from to Marvel Cinematic Universe onscreen to the team.

We’ve already got some of the classic members in the movies, Doctor Strange & The Hulk/Banner are all ready to go cinematically. The pairing of these two existing core members for an insane cosmic/multi-dimensional adventure would be most excellent to see materialize on the big screen.

Let’s not forget that Valkyrie, who’s a classic member of the team has already been put to screen too in ‘Thor: Rangnarok’ so she could easily be included into the mix pretty effortlessly. That’s three members right there!

However, to make a truly epic incarnation of the team here are a few other members of the team that’d be perfect to introduce to as part of Marvel’s greatest “non team”.


A core member of the original team, Namor aka the Submariner is a must for the team and he hasn’t been featured yet in the movies. Marvel’s first mutant has also got a super bad attitude that’d make for some prime onscreen drama with the rest of the gang! This would be the perfect venue for the cocky deep sea superhero to make his debut! 


Silver Surfer:

We’ve seen the Silver Surfer before on the big screen in the super subpar Fantastic Four sequel movie, but this amazing superhero needs a second chance for sure! He’s a classic member of the team and one of the most iconic Marvel characters around. If the team is headed off to the outer reaches of space or alternate dimensions they need this shiny weirdo to accompany them for sure!! 



Yeah one of the most iconic members of the team is most definitely Hellcat, interesting enough her alter ego Patsy Walker has already been seen in the Jessica Jones Netflix series played by Rachel Taylor. If she was going to join the gang on the big screen though Hellcat would have to have her superhuman abilities in full effect and be more of a real superhero getting a cool costume to sport as well. I’d love to see her on the big screen!

The Son of Satan:

Ok so this weird ass superhero was a member of the the team and made for some certainly interesting scenarios, you know being the literal son of Satan will do that!! I think it’d make for some great comedic moments having Daimon Hellstrom in the mix, it’d surely be a ton of fun, to see what sort of mischief this guy brings with him. The Son of Satan would also certainly bring some controversy to the mix as well!! Come on just cuz your dad is the biggest asshole to ever exist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be judged on your own merits right?!


Here’s a great addition to the team as well, her boyfriend is Doctor Strange and she’s an official part of the of the team joining way back in 1976. Clea’s got the skills that rival those of Doctor Strange as well being the sorceress supreme of the Dark Dimension, she’d be a great addition that’d surely add a great dynamic to the team and even a bit of romance. If you’re headed off to some weird ass places you’re gonna want Clea along with you to keep the rest of team in line.

Ok so there you go, I think it’s time for the real Defenders to form for the first time on the big screen! The banter between The Hulk, Doctor Strange & Valkyrie alone is worth the admission, add in some of these classic members of the team and I think this next phase of Marvel movies would have a full on hit franchise of their hands.

What do you think? 


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