Ditch the Hero and Get With The Zero Boys!

I just recently was able to see yet another great 1980’s horror movie that I had never seen before! These are really great moments for a person like myself who really thrives on a great 80’s flick that delivers the goods! Better yet is seeing one that somehow slipped through my hands up until now. This most recent movie is The Zero Boys way back from 1986.

To say this is a flat out horror movie just isn’t fair as it’s taking equal parts from 80’s action movies like Rambo and blending it all together into one fun mess of a schlocky good movie! Directed by Nico Mastorakis, who’s also responsible for other 80’s flicks like Bloodstone, Grandmother’s House and Ninja Academy this movie follows the story of three weekend warrior douchebags who are nicknamed The Zero Boys. These three wise-asses are the reigning paint ball champions and they make wager in the game for things like weekends spent with their challengers girlfriends.

So basically what we get here is to see what happens when these 3 stooges head off into the woods with their ladies and stumble upon a real life threat in the form of a group of mysterious deranged killers. Let’s just say it’s very 80’s and a damn fun time-if you get the urge to head back into the 80’s for a neat-o cheezy action horror flick seek this little gem out…

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