Where the F@#k is Puck?!

So I just got done reading the brand new Alpha Flight 0.1 and it was a pretty nice re-introduction to the original team! It had some real great artwork by Ben Oliver and Dan Green and a great cover which brought back memories of John Byrne. What really would have been great would have been if they could have actually got Byrne to draw this new series(check out the amazing pick below by Byrne). So far so good here as we get a pretty interesting idea of some sort of political turmoil in Canada as their elections are about to begin and a new party called Unity is revealed. I am assuming that Unity leader must win the election and somehow turn the country against Alpha Flight? We’ll see I guess!

Anyway the whole  resurrected cast is here, well sorta…Back again is Guardian (god damn how many times has this guy died and come back?!!), his wife Heather / Vindicator (the other red headed crush of Wolverine), Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Sasquatch (my personal fave), Marrina (who, lets face it, doesn’t do much…ever really) and everybody’s favorite cocky gay super hero Northstar. So what gives? Where the FUCK is Puck?!

Why wouldn’t they bring him back to the team? Well for those of you who don’t know he’s in hell apparently! They had the perfect chance to bring him back a few months back when Wolverine met him there. Apparently when Bendis killed off Alpha Flight, Puck went to hell. He has been hangin’ around there for a while now…why? I don’t really know for sure. But Wolverine (why the fuck was he there in the first place?) escaped and Puck somehow at the last moment fell back into Hell where I guess he’s now the ruler as he defeated the devil? Um…yeah….pretty fucking stupid I know but that’s how they roll there at Marvel from time to time…So perhaps the Flight will go there to bring him back? If so I’ll just have to skip that story arc…. Here’s hoping we get to see the lil’ guy back on the team!

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