Obscure Super Hero Movies! Jack Tripper Kicks ASS!

Yeah! What a great discovery made today in the world of obscure super hero movies! “Hero at Large” is now the number one movie I’m trackin’ down upon my first viewing of the the trailer-it features one of my favorite people ever-John Ritter AKA Jack Tripper!!!

Yeah straight out of Three’s Company the late great Ritter apparently starred in this incredible looking zany real life super hero flick! Forget about Kick-Ass, Defendor and Super we have the real originator right here. 1980’s Hero at Large looks amazing as Ritter suits up as none other than “Captain Avenger” to rid the city streets of crime! As Ritter’s character is hired to make appearances as Captain Avenger at comic book shops he one day accidentally stops a crime while in costume and well…apparently a real life super hero is born!

Why did it take me this long to discover this movie, heaven only knows, but check out the trailer of perhaps where the original idea for Kick-Ass was stolen from!!

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