The Apes are Back AGAIN!

Check out this brand new trailer for the upcoming “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” movie. This is the prequel that tells the story of how the apes became “intellegent” and then became the rulers of  Earth. It looks like a  pretty interesting movie so far and  hopefully it will be leaps and bounds  better than Tim Burtons flop!  This is one story that needs to be told and so far it looks like Weta has done a good job with the Apes-what do you think?


  1. christopher

    Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes wasn’t financially a flop but boy was it ever a flop in any other sense of the word!!Even he hates that movie (I’m not kidding he really does hate that movie) The only good thing about it is Tim Roths character he was sadly wasted on that pile of monkey crap.This on the other hand looks fucking epic and is the apes movie we’ve been waiting for!!

  2. TJ

    I’m just really sick of “Rise Of…” being used in every title of everything ever. Really? Are that many things rising? Have they been sleeping? Are they on a lower floor? Are they made with yeast? Why must everything “rise?”

    • petersaturday

      Yeah why does everything have to rise? why can’t it fall? We need a good list of everything in the movies that’s rising these days!!

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