Guillermo Del Toro to Remake The Swamp Thing?

Well no actually, but wouldn’t that be awesome?!? It occured to me last night as I threw in Wes “Scre4m” Craven’s Swamp Thing last night before I hit the sack that there are some movies that I’d welcome a remake for provided they have the right director attached-Swamp thing is one such movie.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the ridiculous vibe of the original Swamp thing or even the more campy (if you can believe that) Swamp Thing 2 with Heather Locklear. They are both great movies to show for a bad movie night-jam packed with schlocky 80’s action and cool ass monsters. But I just had to mention here that Del Toro should seriously consider putting the Swamp Thing back on the silver screen. Can you imagine how awesome he’d do directing it?

One thing he loves is monsters and the creepy vibe of the swamp would be perfect world for him to create in a way he can only imagine. Funny like the original/sequel or serious like the Alan Moore run it’d have to be leaps and bounds better that the incredibly stale “Man Thing” Marvel did in the mid 2000’s. Anyway if he opts out of a third Hellboy movie after “At the Mountains of Madness” he should feel confident that I’ve found him the perfect project.

Oh yeah and Guil’ you best not bow out of that Hulk tv series-I am predicting it right here-it ain’t gonna happen!

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