What do David Bowie & Wolverine Have in Common?

Word on the street is that The Wolverine, the sequel to the god damn awful “X-men Origins: Wolverine” is possibly back on track after the recent depressing news that Darren Aronofsky, had left the project. Naturally I thought the worst, thinking our new director would be some hack like Michael Bay or Uwe Boll and we’d get a repeat of the last movie-more shit served up hot for us true Wolverine fans.



Well it seems someone out there still gives a damn about ol’ Wolvie as new has hit that Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie and director  of the amazing sci-fi movie Moon and most recently Source Code  (which I’ve yet to see). If you’ve seen his work you’ll agree that if he does indeed direct The Wolverine we’ll be getting something special from a director who actually cares about the final product. So once again, I am excited about  a new Wolverine movie, so please guys don’t let me down again….

Check this interview out where we get a little bit of the scoop on Wolverine!


    • petersaturday

      Transformers? I’d personally watch the cartoon series or the amazing animated Transformers movie before I’d put myself through another terrible Michael Bay version…Michael Bay just wants a bunch of explosions on a screen, The transfomrers movie wasn’t even really about the transformers just Shia La-Boof and Megan Fox. I really liked requiem for a dream, the wrestler and black swan…real movies with intention!

  1. christopher

    I dig The Wrestler (me being the huge wrasslin fan that I am was very glad someone finally told that story.)Other then that I really don’t like his style the artsy shit gets on my nerves.I do wanna see black swan just because of Natalie Portman.

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